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How to choose the best laptop that is right for you


Choosing the Best Laptop One of the most appropriate topics is that when a user wants to use a laptop in this article will want to get new laptop specifications for use, it will give you tips on choosing the right laptop for that purpose, in which the laptop will be used in which the advice specifications Depending on Different laptops use the specifications of each laptop and the differences between them.

How to choose the best laptop that is right for you

How to choose the best laptop suitable for the user

When choosing a new laptop you have to set two rules for the first choice Budget Which you buy by others and that's it Specifications If you want a laptop, for example, engineering and graphics software will be different in the specifications of laptops for use in games and other, and you can select the appropriate laptop specifications to use the following issues:


The processor is one of the most important components of the laptop, which is based on the laptop in the process of data and reading speed and the processor currently has two competing competitors. AMD And processors Intel Arab is the most popular in the world, which we will talk about, and Intel processors are currently deployed. Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 Least common because of its recent publications and its physical counterpart.

The most important issues to consider are the selection of the processor, which is the generation of each processor, and the strength of each processor from the first generation to the eighth generation and about 10% of the processor's power from each processor to the next generation, for example, the eighth generation processor. Core is better than processor. i3 With about 10% of the speed and power of the 7th, the other side to look at is the actual speed of the healing processor (original speed), which gives you better performance of the device and faster process data, the last points to be observed are the number of processor nucleus. The number of nuclei increased their velocity.

Each processor has a different processor than the previous one, which works well and accurately with:

  • Core i3 processor Offers very average performance and is perfect for a user who is looking for a laptop to surf the Internet or watch a movie and is not suitable and easy for games.
  • Core i5 processor This processor is very specialized in design programs and engineering programs and designs and is suitable for medium games, which is one of the high performance medium processors.
  • Core i7 processor Is a great processor that offers very high speeds with modern games and graphics programs and advanced engineering programs.

How to choose the best laptop that is right for you


RAM is one of the most important components of the device, which works to run programs on the device, and there are currently two types of RAM available for reading and running more than one program at the same time. DDR4 Which is either the best, fastest and most expensive DDR3 Speed ​​and content will be as low, and the capacity of the RAM varies according to the purpose used.

  • RAM 4 GB: Perfect for easy use like surfing the internet, watching movies, and running simple programs quickly.
  • RAM 8 GB: Suitable for engineering programs such as software software design and engineering talk AD and also suitable for some intermediate games.
  • 16 GB of RAM: Best in terms of speed and running almost all programs and modern games where it suits all uses.

How to choose the best laptop that is right for you

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Screen card

There are many current graphics cards and the screen cards are divided into two Internal screen card The best internal cards will be from the company Intel It is responsible for displaying the colors of the screen and the accuracy of the screen and the dimensions of the screen. The second section of the graphics cards. External display card There are firmly two competing companies here AMD And Navidia They are different in use and prefer to use graphics cards AMD For design purposes, design programs, graphics programs and engineering programs are either cards Navidia Games are better where performance is stronger and significantly better.

How to choose the best laptop that is right for you

A solid collection

According to the user and the data you want to pick up and use, hard and storage comes with two types of hard to use advantages and disadvantages of each type that you can choose according to your use and purpose:

One type: Hard type HDD It comes with a very large storage capacity that starts at 500 GB and is up to 2 terabytes, but this type of use and slowest speed is the lowest.

Type II: Strict type of SSD The best ones now come with some capabilities such as 128GB, 256GB and 512GB, but the fastest to use and transfer files and at the most expensive prices.

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The screen currently has many sizes ranging from 11 inches to 17 inches, but the best, which is suitable for all purposes, is 15.6 inches and in size and usable for all purposes and takes some other issues such as screen resolution and quality and technology and Is available.

How to choose the best laptop that is right for you

Type laptop and manufacturer

It does not make much difference between the companies that are available in the production of laptops. All companies have to assemble the parts we mentioned earlier in the external production company's format; all the company is an external structure. There is no difference. General Chat Chat Lounge

How to choose the best laptop that is right for you

These were the most important issues that the user used to select the best laptop for the purpose of using the laptop. Therefore, the user will first have to set goals and objectives that will use the laptop and its budget and put the laptop to buy and then if you have any problems. Choose the right laptop. Or leave a comment in the comments you have.

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