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In 2025, Europe is considering a trip to the Moon

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Two hours on 23 January 2019
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22 January 2019 / 22:10

European Space Agency (ISA) signed an agreement with the Arian Group Group to study the possibility of going to the moon before 2025, the example of Europe, the chief executive of the Space Industry Group said.

In 2020, Andre Auber-Russell confirmed on the date of the first flight of the future European Missile Airyon 6, when he would replace the current Arian 5. Russell said in a speech to the reporters, "This is the first agreement that was symbolically released during a day of observation of the moon, which represents the important station for the Arian Group."

"I am convinced that the invasion of space is essential for the future of humanity," said the new president of the group, held on January 1. Europe must keep its place in this area »

David Parker, director of Human Exploration and Robotics in the European Space Agency, said, "This study is part of a comprehensive plan by Europe to become the main partner in space exploration in the next decade."

"The key to the permanent exploration of the Moon can be used by space equipment."

The European Space Agency's head, Jan Werner, proposed to replace the International Space Station stationed in Earth's orbit in 2015 as a "permanent moon village".

The anniversary of this anniversary is very symbolic in 2019 because the world celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the human race on the moon for the first time in 1969.

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