Saturday , January 16 2021

In response to Ahlee's statement, Abdul Ghani: We are not a party to happiness. FIFA complains

Football Association member Mazadi Abdul Ghani responded to a statement issued by Al-Ahli Club about the registration of Abdullah al-Saeed in the pyramid, in which Gablia is not a party.

Al Ahli announced an official statement that the Board of Directors issued a formal complaint to the Football Association to maintain club's financial rights in the sale of pyramid from Saudi Ahli Jeddah al-Said.See details).

Abdul Gani said in a radio interview with Radio Egypt on Tuesday night, "We are not a party of this crisis." The tripartite agreement was between foreign player (Ahli Jeddah), Abdullah al-Saeed and Al-Ahli Club. "

He added: "If both parties disagree, one of them comes to the International Federation of Football Association" FIFA "to file a complaint to save their rights, the Egyptian Federation is not a body involved in this matter.

Club legal counsel Hilim Abdul Razay confirmed that the club had lodged a complaint against the player, not to Ahli Jeddah for $ 2 million after going to the club in Egypt.

"The Football Federation should answer us in an official response that it is not a crisis party, so we can take the next step, especially the international federation, to respond to confirmation that we have an internal relationship in Egypt."

Abdullah al-Saeed went to the pyramid on January 4th.

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