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In the Beirut Summit .. Will the status of Asad's transition into the Lebanese Abad League be? In my country

Recently, speculation about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's invitation to attend the Arab Economic Summit in Beirut has increased sharply.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gabron Basile wrote on his Twitter account that Lebanon can work and work to return to Syria's Arab League.

According to Lebanese press reports, Lebanese Foreign Minister Gabin Baisil raised the issue of Syria's invitation to the Economic Summit two days ago with a simple Hariri meeting with Prime Minister Harry, but Hariri did not answer the question.

Beirut is believed to be hosting the Arab League Economic Development Summit on 19th and 20th of this month, while some Arab countries take strict advice on the summit call for the serial.

Three corners

"After the uprising of President Bashar al-Assad after the 2011 revolution, the decision to stop Syria from participating in Arab League meetings came from the League Council," said his sakkariya, and so the decision to return to Syria to return to the university in the Arab League and to Lebanon No

He continued: "The invitation to attend the Arab summit comes from the Arab League, not from Lebanon."

He added in "Arab Egypt": "Who else is that the Syrian regime under President Hafez al-Assad killed Rafiq Hariri in 2005, proved by the judges of the Special Tribunal of Lebanon, who employed former Lebanese minister Michel Samahan , From Cairo to Lebanon's building car, headed by Syrian intelligence chief Ali Mullock, a large Lebanese To raise Dai and Mr. samaha is currently in prison.

The third angle – and the words are still unfortunate – confirms that the Syrian regime supports Hesbollah in Lebanon, in a deal with Iran, and blocking all attempts by the Prime Minister Hariri and the Lebanese government to improve matters in Lebanon.

"It is also known that President Saad Hariri can not take any place in the region without the coordination and approval of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabian is the first in the League of Arab States to decide to return to Syria back to the university.

Arab League Course

The Arab League decided to suspend the meeting of permanent representatives to discuss the return of Syria to the date of January 9.

Arab League sources said that on the 9th of this month, it has been decided to suspend the Arab Coordination meeting at the level of delegates.

In a meeting of permanent representatives, many issues, including ways to restore Syrian membership in general, will be considered in the Arab League, which stabilized in November 2011.

Sources said that on 6 January, the Arab League Council on the level of permanent representatives would allow the Syrian capital to reopen the Arab embassy in Damascus and reopen the Syrian embassy in Arab capitals after the Arab League. Syria's membership in November 2011

Sources said "There are two groups in the Arab League, the first group says to return to Syria during the meeting of permanent representatives seven years ago, to take part in the Arab Economic Summit in Lebanon this month and pave the way for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to join the regular Arab summit in March. Made

"Another group wants permanent meeting representatives to allow Arab ambassadors and Arab ambassadors to return to Damascus, to return to Syrian ambassadors to Arab countries, to allow Syria's decision to return to Arab League summit and Arab leaders in March."

Sources said, "So far, not everyone has settled in unified place, but according to all sources, it is a matter of time to return to Syria in the Arab League."

Basil cues

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gabron Basile wrote on his Twitter account that Lebanon is not called for, but it follows Arab League's decision, but it can work and work to return to the Syrian Arab League.

Basile said in a press conference after meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Bissar Boutos al-Rai, "I think that all of us have long been required because of our commitment and position and what happened in Syria for a long time.

Arab Grace and Arab League should be in the heart and it is not good to put them out of the university, Lebanon does not call, but Arab League can take initiative and work to become Syria.

He continued: "We have seen that Lebanese political and foreign teams are known, we have not broken the relationship with Syria, we have Syria's embassy in Syria and Lebanon and we have diplomatic relations between the two countries.

And when we put up with Salim and presented the decision to suspend Syria's membership in the League of Arab States, then Lebanon was one of the rejection of the resolution. "

Beirut will host the Economic Development Summit held by the Arab League on 19th and 20th of this month.

As a result of the pressure from the Arab countries, in November 2011, the Arab League suspended suspending Syria, which convicted President Bashar al-Assad for the assassination of civilians in Syria.

Back to Arabic

Recently, many Arab countries announced their repatriation with the Syrian regime. In the middle of January, Mauritian President Mohamed Allad Abdel Aziz visited Syria.

Sources said that before taking part in the Arab Economic and Social Summit in Beirut this month between 16th and 20th, Mauritanian will visit Damascus.

After the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in early 2011, Mauritania kept its embassy in Damascus, like its many embassy countries.

Sudan's President, Omar al-Bashir, visited Damascus on December 16 and met with his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad.

Visit to Al-Bashir The Arab parliament was called to the League of Arab States to return to work together with Syria and added that the organization "can reinstate Syria again to the institutions after suspending its activities seven years ago."

After hosting al-Bashir, Damascus did not rule out the possibility of other Arab heads visiting Syria.

Embassy of UAE

According to an official statement, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the reopening of its embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus, which is part of the eagerness to strengthen the Arab presence in the UAE.

The UAE Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Charge d'Affair AA "has started his duty today from the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic."

United Arab Emirates advocated peace, security and stability in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Arab Convergence

Syrian politician and head of Solidarity Party Dr. Imad al-Din al-Khatib said that the announcement of the UAE Foreign Ministry's reopening of its embassy in Damascus is not surprising for people who follow the Gulf policies.

He added in the previous statements "Arab Egypt", that Jordan, for example, did not break the relationship with the Syrian regime despite having a cold relationship.

"United Arab Emirates has never been away from governance. Many members of Asad family have acquired UAE citizenship, especially Bushra Asad and many ruling people and supporters.

Al-Khatiebe said that the UAE has never dared to support the rule of Asad despite providing funding to Russia for the war against revolution, and despite apparent hostile rivalry.

And on the response to the resolution, he said that the UAE will not be the last and later it will be followed by many Arab countries and they will return to Syria to the Arab League and its equivalent.

Syrian politician and director of the Demo Secretary for Democratic Studies and Human Rights Dr. Akhtar Naseen said that the situation in Syria has become very complex, especially since the US.

He added in "Arab Egypt" that the United States did not defeat the military, but politically, who invented the withdrawal from the interest of terrorism.

He asserted that in countries settled in Syria, there is a consensus that Assad has won, and he will have to face this new reality seriously.

He continued: "After what happened in the UAE to restore its embassy, ​​other Arab ambassadors from Damascus and then from the western countries will be returned to the embassy."

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