Friday , May 7 2021

Increasing Cross-border challenges include: Why Mohamadbaan's Prince Mohammed bin Salman visits?

While Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab states on the Arabian Gulf, Mauritania is one of the portals on the west side of the Atlantic and in North America. And South America

Security unit

This geo-political divide between Riyadh and Nouakchott represents an important one, which offers constant co-operation between the two countries and the level of leaders and leading officials themselves. In this context, the Crown Prince of Mauritania's recent visit to Mohammed bin Salman and the past visits to Mauritian President Mohamed Allad Abdul Aziz in Saudi Arabia twice met the Crown Prince twice. Considering the importance of this parameter for Arab national security, Saudi Arabia and Mauritania have believed in the unity of Arab national security, which is associated with an integral part of the security system of each country, especially the challenges of increasing border security and the spread of terrorist organizations. Through the removal of the limitations of the states' political boundaries, their cells are moved in their structure of different countries, and in the states.

Constant Constituency

Riyadh and Nouakot answer the challenges of this and other security, both countries co-ordinate to reduce the effect of terrorism, cancel their plans before implementation and share security information in terrorist activity monitoring to remove its inactive cells. Both countries also deepen the ongoing integration of their leaders and leaders' visits. On the basis of this broad meaning of national and Arab national security, Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Mauritanian President Mohammed Allad Abdel Aziz held their discussions, not only in the bilateral issue, but also in this area various issues of concern were discussed. With them, especially the conflict is felt by some Arab countries. One of the most important advice-suggestions in Mauritania's Crown Prince's intentions is to visit.

Supporting position

Despite the importance of prior consideration to Saudi policy regarding Mauritania, there are several factors that strengthen the importance of Navalkot for that, Mauritian positions supporting the state in response to the expansion of Iran's expansion in the region and the demand of Grand Mufti of Mauritania, Sheikh Ahmadou Allad Habib Rahman's demand for diplomatic relations with Tehran Wants to break off the relationship. Area of ​​Safavid in this region Mauritania also supported Saudi Arabia's attitude towards Canadian intervention in internal matters. Noukachot announced its unity with Riyadh in its boycott with the remaining Arab Quartet countries of Qatar. In the case of a Saudi citizen, Jamal Khasogi, Mauritania welcomed Saudi Arabia's decision to reveal the truth and get justice. This permanent and support-oriented view on Saudi policy and position by Saudi leadership is visibly appreciated. One of the aims to visit Muhammad bin Salman in one of the purposes of this assessment of the Saudi conditions of Naukachot, supporting Riyadh.

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