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Khalil al-Anani – explosions in the Arab world

Blasts coming to the Arab world

Blasts coming to the Arab world

January 7th

Those who believe that the temporary change in hostility in the Arab world has been blocked by economic and social conditions in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Algeria, it is evidence that there is a real need for real structural changes to reduce the blast. Anyone who finds Sudan and what is happening now finds that the time of purchase is not in the interest of the ruling rulers, who at the time refuses to listen to the voice of their people. This demand has changed with the reform of economic and social conditions for the demand of the government's departure.

It is true that Arab states are afraid of change, which can break the power or reduce their influence. However, keeping the situation in mind due to its deterioration and its strength, it can bring about a change that will extinguish the state from its roots, because it is now in more than one Arab country. Violent social and religious agitation is one of the signs of the self-blast of Arab society, which has been a reflection of the state's failure to achieve its integration and the integration work for different groups and movements.

In this context, it is possible to read a series of current emergencies that almost eliminate the state's authority in the Arab world and force the separatist factions to move from Arab political perspective. The problem of hoarding in Yemen can not be reacted to ideological attitudes or views of a movement ideology or a separatist political stance. , It is basically a structured social crisis, which is obviously due to the natural phase, due to the failure of the state's state, to achieve the efficient convenience and psychological satisfaction of one of its social components. It is a duplicate of the South problem, which has been intense in the last few months, reflecting the failure of Yemen's rule to invest in the unity received two decades ago between North and South, and it has failed to change from the geographical and administrative units to the political and social unit. Solid for a strong state, The reasons for Yemen's crisis are internal, and only the ability to re-think the state's plan, the ability of Yemen parties to redefine the project, and its ability to create a new environment for pluralism and coexistence among them.
Yemen is true in other countries like Suman, which has been separated from its north by the failure of the national market to replace local loyalties and to prevent its separatist sentiment. In response to the ongoing rebellion, due to the actual exemption of the current government, rebellion can be a military and can result in civil war, which can break the remaining Sudan territories and territories. In other cases, the same fear is seen from far away like Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. There are many elements of rebellion and blast in Egyptian society, however central government and its safety and bureaucracies are classified by the degree of detention and control. For some, hearing about the hotspad of social and religious tension, which has recently increased in horror. Egypt will not be transformed into failed state by the well-known standards like the state's power collapse or the abolition of its political system. However, the deterioration of respect of this state and the reduction of its poor economic performance will not prevent the social status and failure to fulfill its work. The exploitation of many of its groups and groups.

Danger in the Arab world is no longer in the destruction of a nation, but its social structure can survive the benefits sent for more than half a century. Nothing is difficult in our field. Fewer heads), such as Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen? And who would have thought that Yemen, Syria and Libya would be part of the belt of failed states?
An explosion that does not look far away from the Arab world arises from many structural factors. The first Arab state's national plans and the end of erosion of legitimacy, economic failure and social injustice. Second is the rise of the Arab state, which expresses daily in the oppressive and political behavior of its institutions and institutions, which create social and sectarian tensions that strengthen the uprising and rebuild the options of civil conflict and the option of division in the next part. The third thing is that, to strengthen their presence in the Arab field, there are external roles and forces to investigate the above investments, and they do not work without precedent.
Without the involvement and responsibility of the social and living forces, the desire to have a right to power forever, is one of the reasons behind the mess in Arab countries, which are stuck between delicate stability, which does not guarantee the existence of power by its researchers.

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