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Learn about skin cancer eyeglasses and symptoms of every type –

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Cancer's most extraordinary growth and growth is the calculation of Cancer's three most viable cancer cases, the most vulnerable cancer-causing cancer. It can not have any specific causes. But it may be a cause of weak immune system or harmful sunlight. Skin.

1: Occurs outside sunlight, such as base cell carcinoma, eye and face, appears in the form of a pale-colored or moss color in the form of a straw or brownish or brown color on the skin.

2: Kerosozel cell carcinoma occurs frequently in the face of sun, hands, hands, and people with black skin cancer cells in the areas where they are not directly visible in the sun. This increases the risk of sarocophagus.

Melanoma melanoma may be present on the face of women or at the lower part, although the symptoms may be somewhere in the body. Eye or calcium in melanoma, hands and nails for dark skin.

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