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«Malicious games» hit half a million users of smart phones

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On Friday, November 23, 2018, today's news games «malicious games» hit half a million users of smart phones.

A programmer named "Amazon Pinto" hacked more than half a million users on Android, using a malicious code posted by 13 apps and placed on the Play Store.

ECS security researcher Lucas Stephanco said on Twitter website that the illusionary Pinto games are related to all sports category – or more precisely games, because they all do not work.

Google Inc. After hitting these contaminated games from the Play Store for 560,000 users, two of them are on the "Most Trader" list of the store, according to Sitfenko, Web »Technology News Expert.

The malicious code automatically deletes the game play icon after installing it on the device so that the user will find it difficult to detect it.

A malicious application gives the ability to control the movement of data on an infected device, which opens the door to the stolen user data.

Google, the developer of the Android system, has been under constant pressure to make its operational platform more secure in the last years, especially with the increasing number of malicious apps at its store for the past two years.

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