Thursday , June 8 2023

Malware will not be affected by the latest Android releases


Google has revealed a new transparency report aimed at the Android operating system. The website focuses on Android ecosystem security security, and attempts to reduce the harmful application (PHA) by using Google's term to point to malicious software. The Google Play Store also announced the Google Play Store in its Android and its devices. The company has released several transparent transparency reports relating to the basic information base of political information.

Specifically, the Google Play Protection Service is reporting a malicious application for malicious applications during the full scan of the device. One day 50 billion applications are checked in and out of the Google Play Store, related to Android version, countries, and market segments.

After submitting itself to improving the security of Android over the past few years, Google has achieved its achievements in 2014. Consumers have consistently reduced the possibility of harmful applications in users' devices depending on various improvements, such as Google's adoption and adoption monthly security patches. Works like Android and Google Play Protect.

In recent years, Android Devices, which have applications for the Google Play Store, are 9 times more malware than applications from other sources.

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The security of the applications from Google Play Store has been improved. In 2017, the first three quarters of 2018, with risky applications at 0.68 percent.

According to the report, India has the highest percentage of infections in the world, with 34 per cent infections in the world and the number of machines in India, Turkey and Turkey. The number of devices with harmful software increased by 0.1 percent.

Security Updates reduce the sensitive data access, application security, and training developers, because it decreases the harmful apps are the most recent versions of Android operating system, so nagarr, oriyea, Bay View, from the removal of the pie and tries to automatically install new versions of the more capable devices Malicious apps are allowed to advance and protect the men.

Google Annual Report Reviewed the Security of One Year Android System New trends and new features and enhancements in open source platform detail. It now publishes the Security Report for Android's quarterly system and plans to provide more data points to explain the validity of the system. Eventually the ecology system.

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