Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Match Victory & Unity Live Legend Yella Match Trilogy Watch Watch World Victory Yale Shot Qualify Decide Now

We broadcast a live broadcast of Yalla Shot Game See Victory and Unity Yella shoot live match match continues live on youtube in Legend Mobile Asian Champions League, Asian football fans are waiting for a crucial and very important match which will later link Saudi Won, now two wins against Al Wahda UAE in the second half of the continental championship at the stadium. Star Match Al Nazar and Al Wahda Live Yellow Shot Exclusive by Sport.

nassr vs wehda livehd7 match
nassr vs wehda livehd7 match

Live broadcast victory and solidarity

Match Victory and solidarity live Yalla Shotot, the meeting will start at 7:00 pm on Monday evening with just one-third of Riyadh time, and Bean Sports HD1 will broadcast the game with commentary from Arabic commentator Sever al-Dahab.

The first phase between Al-Najar and Al-Wahda Kora Star ended with a positive tie for every team in the world stadium, and as a result it is disappointing for fans hoping to improve the situation and solve the qualification at the expense of a strong opponent.

Yella shot match win and live in solidarity

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Coach striker Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah will be counted on to snatch a pass for the next round because of the technical value provided by the player, especially in the penalty area.

Yalla Shot Al Nasser Match Live broadcast match today, YouTube, and it was decided that Al-Najar would wear the old uniform last season, which is yellowish blue, while the landowners wear the shirt white, match Victory and Unity watch the live legend. General Chat Chat Lounge

The technical director compromised on Al-Nasser's official lineup: Brad Jones, Sultan Al-Unnam, Omar Hawassawi, Abdul Rahman Al-Obed, Abdullah Al-Khibri, Meiken Pereira, Hamad Al-Mansour, Fahd Al-Jumeirah, Abdul-Jusirah , Juliano de Paola and Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah.

  • Al-Nasser's players reached the pitch and went down to the green rectangle for a warm up before the start.
  • Already the game of victory and loneliness began direct legend and acquisition of goalless draws and hosts so far.
  • Caution prevails for the meeting in the first minutes, and both sides rush into their net not to accept the target.
  • Al Nassar is fiercely attacking to score the first goal and the defense of the unit is well-organized after 25 minutes of play.
  • The first half ended with two goals for Al Nasr's goal, with Al Wahda equalizing with Star Hamdallah by Saleh Bargash and Al Nasar and then adding Di Paola II.
  • Di Paola scored the third goal for his team in the 62nd minute and resolved the card to qualify for the victory.

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