Monday , January 25 2021

Miss Algeria creates a controversy in 2019 communications sites

Admir's Ben Hamu was crowned Miss of the Year in 2019, which won the titles contested by 16 contestants in the southwest of Algeria.

Faisal Hammad, head of the Planning Commission of Miss Algiri, said, "We had 16 candidates, and we started selecting the best competitions six months ago." The finalists were held in 21 days, where the contestants were trained by the experts. "

Winner Khademja Ben Humo said, "I am very happy to get the title and I hope to stay in good condition and my goal is to do charity work."

In response to the standards of choice of beauty queen, she said: "It is related to its culture, smiles, donations, customs and traditions."

The result of Miss Algery's victory sparked mixed reactions on social networking sites, where many felt that the selection was not appropriate and that the crown was not as beautiful as the queen of Alexandria's beauty.

On the other hand, some website leaders defended the winner Khadija bin Humau. They explained that this competition is not limited to the standards of beauty, but also considers cultural aspects and humanitarian aspects as well as other matters related to the availability of talent and intelligence and the ability to solve problems.

Some even believed that there is no allowance for God's creation.

Source: Al-Nahar, Social Networking Sites.

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