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Mohammed bin Rashid: We have an extraordinary expo and summit and we will present the world to talk about the future


The Vice President of UAE, Prime Minister and the ruler of Dubai, has called for the integration of the Global Summit of Governments with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the expedition of Dubai 208 and the "Extro 2020 Global Summit 2020" beginning of the extraordinary summit of governments. Expo 2020, Dubai, 22-25 November, 2020, the biggest summit after its launch, the largest group of government officials and officials has been found to increase the international event to shape the future of the government. With more than 10,000 officers, 30 international organizations and 600 thinkers, even different events, more than 100 thousand participants will be present, with a qualitative change in the program and activities and wings design.

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makamam states that "2020 will be a different year as the UAE will be the main station on the agenda of more than 190 countries." We will have an extraordinary expo and extraordinary summit, and we will organize the world to talk about the future.

He said that World Summit expo 2020 of the government will focus on Dubai's intellectual focus and our goal is to organize an international event. "The expo 2020 will unify the efforts of World Summit Governments with Dubai to set up a new international exhibition that will unite the culture of the nations and their past and present combination." His Highness concludes: "In the year 2020, efforts to establish a new international status for the United Arab Emirates Year old. "

Strengthen global cooperation

Dubai Air Chairman H.H. Sheikh Ahmad bin Saeed Al Maktom, chairman of Expo 2020 Dubai, chairman of Emirates Airline, said: "UAE and Dubai have been able to elevate their dignity in terms of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai" Governments, companies, innovations and extraordinary ideas A global place for people with. "

"The unification of World Summit Governments with the efforts of the Expo 2020 Dubai, is a new addition to Expo's goals to promote global cooperation and to provide a platform for meeting ideas." People promote development and quality of life. "

"Summit 2020 will be an opportunity for countries, governments and entrepreneurs to explore trends and opportunities, opportunities to share experiences and share experiences and to shape and shape knowledge and sustainable development.

Integrate roles and strengthen partnerships

Governor and Future Affairs Governor and Future Affairs and Chairman, Mohammad Abdullah Al Gargwai said that the orders of Mohammed bin Rashid are to integrate energy, efforts and ideas for the success of the most important international event in the field and to shape the future global map through expo platforms. Is there. 190 countries »

"Expo 2020 will be directed by Muhammad bin Rashid to host the World Summit of Governments in Dubai, the UAE will form a global forum, in which all expectations, hopes and wishes will be integrated to increase the supplementary performance of global governments."

Al-Gargavy said: "We look forward to a huge partnership in the World Expo World Summit. We are working to prepare a platform for changing the future plans of the government." We expect the presence of 10,000 government officials. More than 100,000 participants will participate in various events. "The World Expo 2020 World Summit will include various materials, new platforms and extraordinary ideas to strengthen the thinking of internationally new government, which will include exclusive research in the world's largest market and future government for the government's experiment."

International Cooperation State Minister Rim Bint Ibrahim Al-Hajemi said, "Expo 2020 will establish the status and importance of the UAE by supporting the status and development of the UAE based on a consistent concept of various challenges and strengthening international partnership in developing development." "Dubai is a global hub for the exchange of ideas and visions and the continuity of mind and destination for main events and main events."

The platform is exceptional

The World Government Summit, the world's first government development academy, Expo 2020 brings together thousands of leading individuals, experts and government representatives from across the world. Find new discoveries of government work, and discover future challenges and opportunities, how to use it and develop best practices in government work, exchange experiences and employ them to share successful experiences with various governments worldwide.

Expo 2020 The special session of the World Summit of Governments in Dubai is able to provide the best services for the government to build their capacity and improve community life and platform for transfer of UAE experience, which is an incubator for tolerance and diversity by more than 190 nationalities. To identify the model of government work developed by the UAE, and to benefit from it and to establish a global economic cooperation formula in the form of government work and future global model of government's best work and successful global stories, and due to economic challenges and increasing activity and changes in the world's pace.

The summit also has a plan for development in its role of shaping the future wave of technology and shaping the future of nations and societies and meeting their challenges.

This event will take part in 10,000 interactive and interactive sessions in the workshop in search of solutions and global initiatives to challenge the work of 10,000 heads of state, government, ministers, decision makers and heads of companies, as well as 30 international organizations, 600 thinkers, experts and scientists.

Dubai Expo 2020 expects to become a host of millions of visitors to the world during Dubai, the largest ever in history, more than 190 countries participate.

World Summit Governments hosted more than 60 consultants international representatives, overseeing the participation of more than 4,000 officials, private sector leaders, experts and experts from 140 countries and representatives of more than 30 international organizations, in which more than 60 thinkers reviewed their views and views. . More than 200 sessions of special sessions on future governments.


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