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Photographs of Pharaoh: Varada provokes the public and the team has filed the statement and statements of Aguirre


Egyptian football team wanted to leave Egypt's goalkeeper injured Mahouad Jensh who left the camp, where he would cut the Egyptian team in water aquis during the training and go to Germany for immediate action, taking technical and administrative images of the monument to the player for all members of the team and its sympathy. Come. After injury

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The Egyptian player, Amar Ward, was seen provoking fans again after a photo that appeared in the national team on Saturday, and showed his bone with number 22 and raised his hand in the context of number 22, which he was wearing by the team, which was given by Captain Ahmed Mohammedi. The player will not participate in tomorrow's game against Uganda, by scoring with the goal against Congo in unity, because the expansion decision expands till the end of the first round of the African Championship.

Aguirre acquired the guards' coaches from injury Jens

Egyptian coach Javier Aguirre said that goalkeeper Ahmed Nagi was innocent of accusing him of injuring goalkeeper Mohammed Abdel Rahim and left the camp.

Uganda said in a news conference before the match that "we entered the third and difficult phase and started a very strong phase in the African Cup of Nations." Uganda said in a news conference before the match, "The team has not done so far so far in Zimbabwe and the Congo."

"But we've achieved something important, he scored 6 points with a full sign, and he did not get any goals in the two matches, which is very good," he said. "I am very sad about what happened to Mahomed Jensha, target and injury, he will encourage the injured players to win and give the goalkeeper technically and morally, and I want to get back from injury."

Then he defended the coach of his bodyguards: "I am completely full of Amir Ammer, the protector of Janesh's injuries, Ahmed Naaji, and his first military product, it is an accident that happens anywhere, he has nothing to do with the training of pregnancy and I wish for quick retrieval of soldiers and come back better in the future. " .

"Varda's crisis will not affect the fans' support in the next conflict, and I am not afraid that fans will be attacked by fans on the face of Ugandan," he said. "I am putting faith in the awareness of the fans of Egypt, supporting their team and moving forward with anything else, and everyone has a desire to win and pleases fans at number nine in the row."

"The injury of Amar Warda and Jenshaiah will not affect the team and its current practice and will not affect the basic goal and will win three points and will win the third consecutive group first."


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