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Poker Prize announces long list for Arabic Fiction: 7 writers for the first time

The International Award for Arabic Fiction has announced a long list of nominations for the 2019 edition, which includes 16 novels from July 2017 to June 2018, which is selected from 134 nominations.

A list of seven authors novels, a record in the history of the awards, and novels from nine books, and nine books from nine books, and stories today address issues affecting the Arab world, and highlighting the history of the Arab region and rich heritage, the important humanitarian issues Addresses, in which poverty stigma, death trauma and persecution, and the need to protect the family and the nation There is a way.

Journalists have listed the story of modern Iraqi history, stories of women in various countries transferred to women after the Civil War and the struggles of the author are contested by women competing with their age books.

The long list was selected by a five-member panel, which is headed by Moroccan academic and critic, Shafaf Al-Deen Magodolin, who specializes in Moroccan education and aesthetics, verbal and visual studies, and comparative studies; Writer, poet, writer and researcher of social and political issues, Fozia Abu Khald; And researcher and activist for women's issues and human rights from poet and columnist Zulichi Auburisha Jordan, Lebanese academic and critic Lateef Zitau, and Chinese academic, translator and researcher Zhang Hong Yi.

In the 16 list of novelists whose work reached a long list, six popular names, which have reached the final stage of the award, are: Amima Khimis (novel "Al-Bar", a candidate for the long list of 2010), Huda Barakat ("The American Granddaughter "2009 and shortlist for" Trashy "), and Wassini Al-Araj (three times nominated for the long list of Andalusian House 2011)," Lolita Fingers "2013," Ash Zoo of the East: The Wolf Who Broad on the Prairie "2014, and Manny Monsie (Shortlist Candidate (2008), who won the 2013 awards seminar (Ebda & # 39; The Workshop), and Shahlah Al Azili (novel" Heaven As Our House of Close "shortlisted for 2016), which took part in the 2014 Symposium.

In the session of 2019, 10 books were received for the first time on Mohammed Abi Samra, Imran Yahya, Jalal Burgas, Haji Jabar, Mubarak Rabe, Kafi Al Zubi, Habib al-Saheeh, Adal Aasthat, Mohammed Al-Ma'aise and Maysalon Hadi.

The title of the novels that reached the long list of the 2019 awards listed in the book names in alphabetical order are given below:

The international award for Arabic Fiction is the most prestigious literature award in the Arab world novel. Each of the six candidates on short list will receive US $ 10,000 and the winner will receive an extra US $ 50,000.

The international award for Arabic Fiction won by the novel "The Second Dog War" by Palestinian novelist Ibrahim Nasrallah last year.

The aim of this award is to promote the Arabic version globally. This award is funded by translating winning works into English.

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Source: Al Watan Newspaper

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