Wednesday , February 24 2021

Prices went up to the expectations of distribution companies

Today is Sudan

The price of petroleum products increased marginally with the expectation that oil production would reduce production of petroleum exports.

Brent crude was up $ 67.49. In the previous settlement, the United States crude oil was up 1.9 percent and rose 0.9 percent to 56.96 dollars a barrel.

OPEC hoped that the crude oil reducing again, as it did in 2014, according to the supply burden.

OPEC says that Saudi Arabia will take over the country. OPEC is setting up a 1.4 million barrel supply chain every day. This is 1.5% of the global supply.

Dear visitor I read the news Oil prices have risen more than expected in the cutaway network cut, and the news has been published for the health of the news. Today is Sudan

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