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Report .. Ahly Ahli .. loan of 3 players .. "Mussoorie … the blur of the situation

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Sunday 06 January 2019

Books – Mohammed Hammam:

With new deals supporting Al Ahli during the current Mercato, the opportunities for more than one player living in Al-Hamra have been reduced, they have been forced to leave for another experience in the new club, but no club name has been given so far.

Al-Ahli has given him four support during the transfer period so far, in which Mohamed Mahmud, Wadi Dogla, Egypt's Mahmud Wahid, and Geraldo borrowed from Ramadan on 1st August and English Hudersfield.

Under the chairmanship of Mahommed Al-Khatib, the management of the club is to provide an opportunity for players who do not participate primarily with the team, giving them materials and technical benefits by giving them the opportunity to sell the material.

Triple departure

Director of Ahily Contracting Committee, Amir Taufeeq, Ahmad Hami for 6 months and Ahmed Yasser Ryan announced loan to El Gona.

The pair's departure for the lack of their partnership with Ahli during this season, where Hamidi had only two games with Ahli in this season, in contrast, Ryan took part in two matches and scored without scoring.

In the transfer market, the third name is Ahmer Hammedi, who came from the ranks of last summer victory.

According to Mohamed Masheli, head of the Al-Itihad Club of Alexandria, their club will make a loan agreement with Al Ahli player for 6 months.

– The bilateral Ahli is in the interest of the Sangh

In Alexandria, Al-Itihad Club's football director, Valad Rasuddin, announced the wishes of technical staff to get the services of Middo Jabar and Akram Tawfiq.

"The director of football, in Ahli, asked for a time limit for the announcement of Martin Lahartty's Technical Director in the list of those excluded from his accounts in the next period, and took his opinion on the pair on the loan or the idea of ​​his or her team's player's will.

Moody has played only six games with Jebel Ahli, while Akram Taufife has played four matches.

– Blur about alien

So far, Ehaly football officials have not settled on the foreign player after signing Geraldo, who are not yet bound, and junior Ajay has returned to injury and has been placed on the waiting list.

Al Ahli, Ali Malou of Tunisia, Valid Azhara of Morocco, Salini Koliabali of Mali and Nigerian Junior Ajay with Gerald currently have five overseas players.

Press reports suggest that Colby will be nearest to the Red Fort, but he was the Mali defender on the bench in the recent pyramid match.

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