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Retail sales in the UAE increased by .312.3 billion

Sharjah 24- Left:

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Commerce and Industry (DCCI) said that according to the latest analysis by Dubai Chamber, retail apparel sales in the UAE increased by 8.8% annually in 2018. Apparel sales in the UAE have reached $ 12.3 billion in 2018, with the sector expected to maintain strong performance from 2019 to 2023.

Men's clothing was the largest retail segment, with an annual growth rate of 53% of total sales and in.7% compared to 6.6% in the year. Men's apparel is expected to grow at an annualized growth rate of 8.8% in the period 3-20-3, which is expected to reach US $ 8.8 billion in 233, compared to $ .2 billion in 2013.

Analytics releases clothing into the retail sector in the UAE in the UAE Over the past decade, Dubai has attracted millions of shoppers worldwide and is known as the gateway to international fashion brands seeking footwear in the Middle East and North Africa.

The analysis shows that women's clothing is the second largest sector with 34% in the sector, which has an annual growth rate of growth.૧% in year 1, compared to 9.9% growth during ૨૦૧ in-૨૦૧. Sales reach 5.2 billion dollars in 2023.

Since the year 2015, with Dubai's announcement as the capital of the Islamic economy, the Emirates has been able to host a number of shops specializing in Islamic fashion, and has become a leading player in the company's level. Retail outlets for the global fashion industry, as well as fashion boutiques for world renowned designers.

The analysis also suggests that, as 2018's women's clothing store sees a steady movement, there are strong indications that this trend will continue in the future, with the world's leading brands expecting sales of women's clothing to go up.

Children's clothing sales accounted for 7% of the total retail sales of clothing in the UAE during the year, registering an annual growth rate of approximately growth% in the year 2 અને and are expected to achieve a cumulative annual growth rate of 7.7%. In the forecast period from 2019 to 2023 billion by 2023, compared to about 866 million in 2019, and the analysis of children's clothing described is characterized by the most important reasons for high competitiveness and quality and reasonable prices.

Among the other major results, the fourth largest growth area was 5% wear accessories, while the fifth category had a range of socks with 1% growth.

The analysis also shows that out-of-store purchases increased significantly from 0.9% in 2013 to about 3.7% in 2018, reflecting the decline of the share of traditional distribution channels by stores, with the proliferation of digital devices and the increase in the number of Internet users, retail outlets. Looking for a perfect distribution business model, especially grocery store, clothing a Footwear sector. Expanded channels are a retail type that integrates many purchasing methods available to customers, including internet, traditional stores or phone purchases.

The analysis concluded that retail trade in the UAE is expected to grow slowly over the next few years, with improved economic conditions and increased consumer confidence, which is likely to outperform retail sales growth.

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