Wednesday , May 18 2022

Samir Gani reveals the truth about being admitted to hospital


Cairo – Charity Islam

A well-known artist Samir Ghnem said: "I am very good, I thank God, do not face health problems that you do not face health problems, he refuses all the news that is published on this subject and asks everyone to investigate before publishing such news.

In a special interview at Lifestile, Sameer Kanem continues his artistic activities and told his audience that rumors should not be believed, especially the worst, the artist was hurt and disappointed.

The creators of Hassan al-Raddad, Emi Samir Ganem, Amin Amin, Tariq Abiari, Mohammed Torath, Sama Majjarawi, Raja Jadevi, Hussain Al-Canadad, and Samah Khanim are the "invisible" series of Adl "imam".

Shen W.

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