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Saudi Arabia – Cultural Portal of Manama .. witness to the development of Saudi relations


The cultural relations between Saraya Post / Saudi Arabia / Saudi Arabia and Riyadh State make an impressive cultural model for the communication and communication of Arab and Islamic knowledge. Both sister countries constantly promote cultural horizons among them, because culture is the most attractive identity and image in the world. Today

The contribution of King Abdulaziz Public Library to the development of cultural imagery between the two countries is one of the specific contributions to the book, in addition to the concept of the library, in addition to the conceptualizations and extensive knowledge of culture which gives benefits to different sections of readers, intellectuals, authors, scientists and researchers. .

The King Abdulaziz Public Library demanded partnership with national libraries, especially the moral library, Bahrain and the Arab Unified Index Center established Arab Integration and Cooperation through a huge and huge project to achieve high values ​​and goals by RBI, the creation of Arab Information Society , Or adding it to the cultural movement and Arab book Published by publishing by the establishment of a network of networks including Kalayo, Portals libraries of countries, translated portal books and manuscripts and research in university messages.

In this context, the King Abdulaziz Public Library has been established: Bahrain cultural portal, which includes best cultural libraries in Bahrain. On the other hand, 13 research sessions were organized for a group of Bahraini cultural talent. (168) Number of trainees (14) came from deaf cultural organizations.

Bahrain Education Minister Dr. Majid al-Noumimi praised the establishment of the portal when it was issued. He said: As the leading in the cooperative work, King Abdulaziz public library always starts the work of maintaining and spreading the Arab and Islamic intellectual heritage. The King Abdul Aziz Public Library started the Arab Digital Library to give important contributions to its great services in the world of thought and culture, and we congratulate such a step in the state of Bahrain as the main member of these Arab cultural projects. God charges the settlement and repayment of God.

The director of Gulf University's Library, Shekhana Sud al Khalifa, commented on the continuous communication between the Library and the Deaf's cultural institutions. He thanked the Library and Arab Index Center for quality services and quality training courses in a year which "contributes to the development of our library staff," we hope the library continues to support libraries by providing quality training programs that contribute to the development of Arab libraries. And despite the short list age, we will look at his efforts And from the sea to the Gulf, the Arab world hopes that it achieves its objectives, which supports the standardization of practices in all Arab libraries. "

Cultural Partnership:

The partnership between the King Abdulaziz Public Library and the AASA Cultural Center has been presented in the National Library of Partnership with clear and immediate goals, which provide cultural, knowledge and research services through interactive means to create content that grows many common objectives and global balance.

The King Abdulaziz Public Library has started as one of the most important tools to simplify cultural lifestyles, including civilization in Bahrain, by continuous and effective collaboration in acquiring cultural awareness of the achievements of Abraham, Islamic and global culture. Culture is the soft power of people who accept human thoughts and creativity. . This will allow Arab countries to receive information, especially as we live in the era of information revolution, which prepares Arab countries with a clear database.

Library members and information centers from across the Arab world followed by more than 4,500 libraries in 560 locations. Which shows that the total size of the base is increasing steadily and qualitatively. The number of bibliographic records is more than two million three thousand records covering all goods, including books, manuscripts, manuscripts, electronic sources and other boats.

Through its cultural projects, King Abdulaziz Public Library is eager to convert the contemporary Arab cultural principles of the world to the king by its branches in Morocco and China and through its cultural programs and training courses and the establishment of cultural portals in the Arab world. . And the presentation of the King Abdullah International Award for translation, as well as its continued efforts to increase Arab and Islamic knowledge on the Internet through vast and vast Arab digital content. Always go

On the other hand, to train the trainees on how to get benefits from the services in library, information, documentation, archiving, cultural and cognitive fields, work on training of Arabic libraries staff in the Arabian Gulf by direct or indirect training by direct technical training directly or indirectly. Is there.

Source: Okaz Newspaper

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