Monday , August 15 2022

Saudi nuclear energy project "Worley Parsons"


Atomic and Renewable Energy for King Abdullah City has entered into an agreement with the Service Management Office of the National Aromic Energy Project to Worli Parson in Saudi Arabia.
According to the contract of the PEO, the Company will provide consultancy services for the project under the Reuters.
Worli Parsons is a global provider of professional services for the world's 50 largest designers and project management companies in the resource sector, oil, energy, project management, engineering design and complex networks.
Worli Parsons work for more than 50 years in Saudi Arabia. Last year was signed an agreement with Aramco. Engines for pipelines and offshore facilities to enhance the coral space.
The country was founded by Abdullah City, the king of the Ateok, renewable energy sector. The city seeks to engine the engine for scientific research and innovation in the field of strategic energy and the ability to invest in the desired goals.
In 2030, the country wants to become the global head of the Atomic Renewable Energy in Vision 2030. Abdullah's Atomic and Renewable Energy is the latest in the new technology.
In the past, the country needs to acquire nuclear and renewable energy technologies and systems, maintain sustainable energy mixes, conventional sources and strengthen the role of the country as one of the world's leading energy sources. It supports the national industry of hydrocarbon resources In addition to being inadequate. In the spacious areas, what is to secure the future of future generations means investing in sustainable energy sources generates huge employment opportunities for the young adults in the developing world.
Energetic and reproductive energy needed to develop the country's natural, scientific and technological capabilities to increase energy security and sustainability, to increase more efficiency and to protect more environment and to protect safety and quality from the most important international experiences of this sector. Making

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