Monday , May 29 2023

Six Arab Bosses have earned profits and lowered their oil prices


Sensex gains 88 paise against US dollar in early trade

Mohammed El Gendi, Head of Technical Research at Al Razab Asset Management in Saudi Arabia, said. Majority of the local market has declined. This is usually a profit.

He said the local markets would be good for achieving the support and strength of the results of companies that have benefited companies and banks, especially those in the Gulf.

The price of crude oil is currently above $ 70 a barrel. In terms of the highest price in 2018, the figure is $ 86.

The index of Egypt Index and Index Index Index declined by 1.18 percent to 13,570 points in the domestic market and overseas markets.

In the UAE, the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange index fell 0.53 percent to 5002 points. Abu Dhabi 1 and Etisalat share lost.

The Dubai Mercantile Exchange index fell by 0.29 percent to 2,817. Real estate, real estate, real estate, real estate, real estate,

Saudi Arabia, the world's richest man, fell by 0.42 percentage points to 7,711. Stocks of banking and basic commodities have been raised by Saudi Arabia.

Jordan's index fell by 0.05 percent to 1960. The industry and services sectors recorded a fall of 0.26 per cent and 0.05 per cent respectively.

The Bahrain Bureau fell to the same percentage. The general index closed down at 1312 points. The lowest in one month, the decline in service stocks.

However, MMM rose by 0.28 per cent to 4,503 points. In industrial and realty sectors, the share was 0.26 per cent and 0.23 per cent, respectively.

The Qatar Index rose by 0.21 percent to 10,090. This is in four areas. 1.32 per cent.

Kuwait rose by 0.03 percent to 5300 points, rising 0.1 percent to 4754 points. The index rose by 0.05 percent to 5106 points.

The performance of the Arab boards is as follows:

Muscat: 0.28 percent to 4503 points.

Qatar: from 0.21% to 10,090.

Kuwait from 0.03 to 5,300.

As may be rejected:

Egypt ranks from 1.18% to 13,570.

Abu Dhabi: 0.53% to 5002 points.

Saudi Arabia rose by 0.42 percentage points to 7,711 points.

Dubai: 0.29 percent.

Jordan: From 0.05 to 1960 points.

Bahrain: From 0.05% to 1,312.

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