Monday , June 14 2021

Speaks Defender in analog penalties

Speaks to the Defender as a defender

Formation: Sa'at AbdulBakhi

Ahmad Abdul Aziz, the board of Egypt's Clementing Club's first "Muddy" defense in the Sheikh Merkato, has demanded that the board of the Axis board be interested to get his services.

Koura suggests that Samletake's board wants to sign three advocates, including Moudi.

The committee members, who were in agreement with Claudi, requested Mood. The end of the season is not yet completed.

Samalake officials believe Moody will sign in January. The White team will not be able to join the free-standing contract in financial matters for free.

For Moody's, Moody's has done well. Al Fayumumi's achievements focused on this season.

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