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The 40th edition of the Gulf Artists Festival will lead

The 40th edition of the Gulf Artists Festival will lead
The 40th edition of the Gulf Artists Festival will lead

The inauguration of the 40th Conference of the Gulf Artists will lead to the Al Fursan network. We present the opening ceremony of the witness. Gulf artists have led our festivals. Gulf artists inform our visitors about the 40th conference of their facility. News News Today publishes our publication news. For the festival.

Al Gharif gulf artists were included in the 40th Cairo Film Festival between November 20 and 29.
The inaugural ceremony was inaugurated by the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.
President Mohammed Hafeez expressed his pleasure at the honor of participation from the Gulf Arab countries which play well for the development of the film industry.
The festival was inaugurated by the Director of Festival, Critic's Press and Yusuf Sharif Riskala, Director Agence France-Presse. The festival's Technical Watch and Management Committee has acted in more than 300 films from the Gulf. Along with Cairo International Film Festival.
He declared: «Saudi filmmaker Haifa Mansur» Arab Arabx will be presented in the Saudi film 'Ojda' section.
The British director, writer Peter Greenaway received the Phaetan Hamama Award. The award was declared for the inauguration of the festival.
Greenwayway is one of the leading directors in the world of film and international art. Greenway Maclas teaches Cairo's filmmakers and fans.
The first British and European filmmakers, film producers Peter Greenwee, introduced a series of prominent and inspiring movies. He has made people modeling on cameras and observing their lives between pain and dreams. His committees commenced with major international awards including BAFTA Awards.
He studied in London, where he studied in London, and now lives in Amsterdam, where he worked as a painter in 1966 and worked in his own films in 1966. He began to create a wide variety of paintings, revised his artwork in paintings and exhibited his exhibition at a museum. Bourmons in Fortuna, Juan Miro Gallery in Barcelona, ​​Memorial Mixte in New York, Bozmans van Bionin Museum in Rotterdam, Rex Museum Museum in Amsterdam, Hoffburg in Vienna, Bare in Milan and VJ. He has received numerous awards including film awards like Cannes, Venice, and Berlin.
His first major feature, The Drugsmans Contract (1982), is widely regarded as one of the world's leading film-makers. His reputation was influenced by "The Cook, Duff, His Wife, Health Priy". Greenway Award received seven awards. In 1989, he won five awards, "The Pyla-Book", "Golcianus, Swans", "Golcis, Pelican Company" 2012, "Knight Watch", 2007 for "Nightwatching" and six Awards.
Multimedia applications combined with radical "Night Clock", Davy's "Last Suppor", and "Cana Wedding" by Paulo Veronese.
Eisenstein was one of his most featured images in the film Guanaja Juuto. Martin Luther was the world's first film to be screened at the Berlin International Film Festival 2015.
Greenway has received Doctorate from Edinburgh University, Bucharest, Satthapton and Universities University. In 1990, the title of the British Empire In 2014, he gifted him from BFF.

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