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The creativity award completes the 10th forum and honors the winner

Emirates News Emirates completes preparations for the 10th forum: Creativity Award complements the 10th forum. Award Winner News Source – Emirates News Today, News Innovation Award, along with details, prepares for the 10th forum .. and honors the winner:

Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum's Global Initiative, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makkam, has announced the preparation for the 10th Sports Innovation Forum, which will be held in Yemen's El-Salam Hotel in Yemen. In the context of classes and values ​​diversity, the tenth round of the world's largest prize is representative of representatives and delegates and representatives of the Federation and Institutions, and is the first time in the field of creativity of sports, completing their arrival in the state to participate in the form. Preparation for the ceremony to honor all the winners will be completed at 2 pm on Wednesday at the Rashid Hall of Dubai World Trade Center.

The award includes booklet and publication of the 10th session, including ten years of documentary achievement of its achievements and its efforts to honor the creators in various fields of the game. The brochures contain statistics and information that show what has been achieved to honor the creators and to support the efforts of achieving reward goals in the development of the game sector. Creativity in state, Arab world and world of sports work Prizes honor and celebrate sports innovators every year, but also expands the presence of the game's researchers in Dubai, and arranges a stage of innovation to review the winning creativity experiences and achievements in the presence of representatives and representatives of the country's sports organizations, and to reach the challenges. . , And to broadcast sessions through the Dubai Sports channel and to give inspiration to athletes, especially youths, to spread the benefits of these sessions to Arab world viewers on social media award accounts and everywhere, especially creators Toka Sports X for this year, young in Argentina People are getting a medal in the Olympics for a number of Arab heroes: Omar Marzouki (UAE), Fatima Zahra (Morocco), A Item GI (Egypt), Mohammed Asiri (Saudi Arabia).

In the tenth session, a special Arab media presence will be displayed to cover the 10th Sports Innovation Forum and the honor of the winners. Awards will be organized and a meeting will be organized for its interaction with the game sector and media professionals in various Arab countries and work on delivering messages to every creative athlete. Arab athletes, and achievements improve the level. It is worth noting that the tenth edition of the award was marked by competition axis for the empowerment of young people in the competition, which became the center of competition in local, Arab and international institutional categories. It was the center of the Dubai International Creativity Forum. Al-Reiadi and award ceremonies and creative achievements in various sports continue to honor young youths of the UAE. Six names were selected by people, who received the highest ratings through jury, the winners will be honored in the award ceremonies in the selection of the winners.

Arab heroes in the Youth Olympic Games in the Forum were crowned with medals.

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