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The first rounds of the Cup Vice President of Wrestling


UAE Jogig's Football, Dubai, UAE vice president, vice president of UAE UAE, Abu Dhabi made preparations for the first edition of the Abu Dhabi Al Jazeera Cultural Club on Saturday November 10.

The Vice President Cup is an important event in the 2018-2019 sports season, which is directly influential in the society of jujutsu, the players and the followers. The Cup will be one of two local championships. At the national level, after the President of the nation.

The championship adopts a new technique (open belt weighings) in three categories, in younger men aged above 21 and younger under 21 years of age, under 15, 16 and 17 years younger.

Asian and international championships, particularly in world championship in jugsis, world standard championship in Sweden, competitive training competitions, competitions, competitions, and subsequent matches will qualify for international titles.

Stimulate competition

"The importance of the HH Vice President's Cup is important, as well as the continuation of the strategy of the Emirates Federation of Jujitsu, the gym membership and the promotion of its culture among the members of the society reflects the UAE's position as the international sporting championship."

The role of repetition

In addition to the character of the tournament, the Emirates Union (Right of Right) in Jimitsu accepted another approach, expressed by the suspension and excitement factors. This ensures that the lost players come back to second place. Bronze.

It is noteworthy that the Emirates Federation of the Jogit Award was awarded a prize. Grand prix winners will be in the top three in total points in the tournament rounds.

Great design

Emirates Jungsuu Juni's winner has been awarded with a special cup of design, adding lines, rounds and modern bend to give a work that reflects the importance of the tournament.

A busy season

During the current preparation, the Emirates Federation of Jujutsu has made a martyrdom of 22, 23, 24 and 24 in the next phase.

The second round of Umm Jumit women's championship will be held in December, and on December 14 and 15, the second round of the President's Cup will be held at Dubai International Championship for Jugitos Professionals on the 28th and 29th of the same month.

Second round matches will be held in UAE next year in Fujairah. The third round of competition in Dubai will be completed next March.

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