Monday , June 5 2023

"The Heritage Treasures of the UAE" Glittering in the Global Village


The Dubai Cultural and Art Authority (Dubai Cultural and Artistic Directorate) has launched the 9th anniversary of the Dubai Festival and our Living Heritage under the theme "Cultural Heritage of the Caribbean".

The festival welcomes international visitors every day from 05:00 to 22:00, enabling them to enjoy the rich program and workshops and events focusing on handicraft education in different environments of the EAE.


Saeed Al Naboodah, Director General of Dubai's Cultural Director, said: "The ninth edition of the Dubai Festival and Living Heritage shows us the success of the event in order to support our efforts to preserve and present our heritage for future generations The event supports wise leadership to create Dubai position on the cultural tourism map in the cities of the world and contribute to the happiness of citizens, residents and visitors, enabling them to enjoy the enjoyable atmosphere of traditional art in wonderful times.


The program is divided into different UAE environments, and for a whole month, until November 30, and activities are targeted at the Bedouin environment. The entire month of the month is dedicated to the activity and events of the mountain environment, while the months of January and February are spent on the agricultural and marine environment.

Every common environment is celebrated from 1 March to 6 April. The Organizing Committee organizes folklore shows, heritage competitions and workshops every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The festival focuses on all aspects of every environment, including ancient social life and traditional crafts. Visitors are involved in the habits of individual environments, differentiate them from other environments, and illuminate traditional practices and practices.


Al-Naboodah concluded that "Global Village has been an ideal partner for us in organizing the festival and has contributed to providing all kinds of support to highlight the best quality of the festival every year.

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