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The sky of the Amir is filled with seven moons


Abu Dhabi: Bay

Under the theme of "Zayed: People's Memory and Homeland Identification" under the theme of its cultural season, UAE's authors and literature association yesterday celebrated the National Day organized in the National Theater Union branch in Abu Dhabi. Among them are Shah Rukh, poets Samir Kawash, Mashal bin Amar, Najat al-Faris, Najat al-Dhahiri, and Tarel Prambal, its media director Mary Baumian Naimi.
At the time of celebration, the Federation organized the Art Workshop of three children, which was the first reading of Baba Zayed's story, which included simple biography of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan presented by al-Sabah of the Arab House project. Part III: It includes an artwork workshop titled "Moor of love in Amirat" presented by artist Salma Al-Banna. Outputs of the workshops were introduced during the exhibition. The technology will run for a week.
Mohammed Shuab al-Hammadi, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Writer's Union of Abu Dhabi said: "We are a part of society and its domestic fabric. So, the National Day celebrations include all groups of society, as well as the festival of poetry festival, where one of the poets from the members of federation union activists and associates Star constitutes, which is our heart's favorite nation as the extension of the generation Celebrate the celebration and present an expression of the diversity of activities between children and adults on one hand.
In the evening the poet was exposed by Meshah bin Am, where he sang his Nabatien poems, the glory of the UAE and his wise leadership and the martyrs of the country, and read Poetry «Glory of Biography», which initially says:

Keep al Ola Qadam at the rate
Receive it most easily from your tasks
Rafi's dignity with a flair glimpse
Paradise is gorgeous
He has made you rich, great men
And the beauty of your jock

Poetry Talal Dalazah, Poetry was read by "Shaheed Wedding", which concludes with this story:

Amirat Land Atik Castle
Disobedience in war and cruelty
We need you, our country, our heart's spring
And delivered from humiliation and intruders
See, we have made him a powerful organization
With his men in an impure chair

Poet Najat al-Dhahiri participated in the poem "Rift Holak" in which he sang the symbol of love, dignity and pride of science.

From the green spirits to the white line
Black ink with red heart
You have loved Israa
At the height, it is the back part of my chest
And the wind of my hair, and even Sariti
If it brings pleasure, my home is my hair

The Emirates said in the beginning that Samir Saouse had read poetry in love:

Emarat argues above all
Verses of culture and development
Thinking of its successor
And Mohammed Shams Tender Decision
This is where the story of Eshey House was found
Dia's faces for its leaders

Poetry evening concludes with the poem "Seven Satellites", with poet Poet Najat al-Faris, in which she gave the precious Emirates on the 14th birthday.
Seven satellites / light horizons / sannbells / and gardens songs / ya zabia Minor / how do you know the meaning of sand / life? / When did the brothers and sisters disappear / disappear? / Prejudice / and priority / will keep you safe / happy in the buses like love / night drills / rivers of love / prayers like water / free / unified / naam lectures / spaceships.

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