Friday , January 27 2023

Tomorrow 48th Meeting of the High Coordination Committee for United Arab Action in Beirut


The Upper Coordination Committee for United Arab Action will hold a 48th session in the Republic of Lebanon at the headquarters of the Arab Chambers, with the participation of the head and directors of the special Arab organizations under the chairmanship of Secretary of the Arab Abul States and under the chairmanship of the Arab Arab states, the director general of the Arab organizations and unions said that President of the Higher Action Committee of the National Commission, Maham Chairmanship is to be chaired by the chairmanship, cooperation, coordination and exchange of experiences between the League and the Arab Joint Action Organizations (organizations, organizations and organizations). He added that this session will discuss many important issues on its agenda, including proposed cooperation and mechanism for coordination between the Arab organizations of joint development to achieve the goals of 2030 which can be sustained in the RJ sector, as well as cooperation in development research, major problems affecting the Arab economy And integration issues in various economic sectors, in which the United Arab Includes the rum organization and the method of integration between League of Arab States missions. He pointed out that meetings will address the item periodically in the magazine. The League of Arab States and its specialized organizations, the United Nations and its specialized agencies "To promote the achievements and activities of Arab joint labor organizations in Tunisia on March 24, 2016, will review the results of the Second Media Conference, chaired by the committee, chaired. The committee also conveys the results and recommendations of the workshop" League of Leaders of League of the League's General Secretariat Definition of system and use of logos and logos for security and security: 10/2/201 9. Some requests of some Arab elite organizations for the position of inspector in the committee, the Federation of Arab Universities Union and Arab Export Development Alsnaaah.oukal Minister All-rounder Mohammed Khair Abdel Kader said that this session will be entitled to study center "joint action to support the implementation of sustainable development plan 2030 in the Arab Region For Plan Organizations and United Arab Action Organizations. "

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