Saturday , January 23 2021

UAE study: "Saffron" is effective in treating liver cancer

Emirati Masouri, 25, who has masters degree in molecular biology and biotechnology at UAE University, said in her study that "The treatment of liver cancer by a number of researchers at the University of United Arab Emirates" evaluates therapeutic effects of serenal on chemically-induced hepatocellular tumors ".

"I have focused on this issue through my research project to evaluate the therapeutic effects of biological activated molecules of saffron, in saffron, on the Hepatocellular Tumors, due to the cancer and due to the oral feeding tubes in these rats. Displays the results of blood tests and its effective treatment for cancer treatment There are labor.

Amira Al Mansouri, professor of cellular and molecular biology of the university, said, "We have applied this project as a step in the effectiveness of studies to the extent that the cancer has spread so much that the need for cancer has become widespread." Urgently to find a solution. "She added:" I chemical – DNA – which causes cancer, especially for liver cancer, and then those animals are given for three consecutive weeks. "Blood samples and positive results by the liver," cycle of cancer cells " "Due to his death due to persecution.

Al-Mansouri wants to carry out some experiments to publish the study, along with their continued expectations of working in the Khalifa Hospital, which includes advanced laboratories in the field of cancer … He hopes to reach out to certain results for the use of these treatments in the future because Saffron does not leave natural resources Use any side effects compared to chemotherapy.


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