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Why did women decide not to remove their body?

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Laura Jackson

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Laura Jackson – Campaign Foundation

His first type of campaign was started from England, so women are encouraged to turn their hair without removing or removing the body.

The campaign was called "John-Harry" (Poetry in January) and its purpose was to encourage women to "love and accept" their natural body hair.

The idea behind this initiative is not new. In Europe and America, many female workers are encouraged to accept their body because they are accepting standards imposed by society.

In 1999, after American actress Julia Roberts raised her hands, causing sensation while showing her hair under her armpits without removing her.

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Julia Roberts in London during the 1999 film of Newington Hill

Campaign organizer Laura Jackson, 21, said she received "a big reaction" of Jordanian women joining the campaign around the world.

Exeter University's theater student Laura said that this idea came after she left her body hair due to her involvement in the play.

A young Lebanese woman started painting on an infront of her sister nose

"However, I felt free and self-confidence increased, but some people around me could not understand why I did and I did not agree."

"I realized that there is still a lot to do to make each other perfect and real," she said.

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Laura Jackson

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Laura Jackson

Women from Britain, the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, and Spain are participating in this campaign.

Laura expressed the hope that this campaign will raise £ 1,000 to educate young people about body acceptance for the charity education program called Body Gossip.

"Our campaign is a project that enables everyone to understand more opinions about themselves and others," he says.

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People's campaign

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Part of awareness campaign

Andy Holland, 22, says, "I think there should be no reason why women feel bad about themselves due to natural hair."

"I've heard close girls because there's hair on their feet, no one should shave, this should be an alternative," she said.

California's Lella Bushett, 21, said she is waiting for the campaign.

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Campaign Posts

Ronin McKay-Han, 21, of Cornwall, England, said that she was nervous about her participation in the initial campaign.

English literature and drama student said, "That's why I decided to challenge myself and remove my fear."


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