Saturday , June 10 2023

Yemen's Red Crescent Yagith Badu Shabwa with 11 tons of food – UAE News


The UAE Red Crescent Society distributed around 11 tons of food. The Nobbs in the Al Bakkhiba District in Lower Marah district distributed it in the town of Al Arab of Haban District of Shabab Governorate. This will benefit 2,000 Yemeni citizens.

The UAE Red Crescent Society is providing relief and humanitarian assistance to Yemen families in the Shaba Governorate, particularly in remote areas. As a result of the war, they are urgently needed to eliminate the people's suffering due to the difficult human situations they face.

From the beginning of 2018, the number of food grains distributed at the Governorate of Shabda has increased from 43,622 to 265.639 Yemeni citizens.

The United Nations Red Crescent Society has continuously pursued humanitarian, progressive and social services to protect Yangthoun's beauty and healthy environment. The Yemen people are providing a safe and healthy environment for continuous efforts to protect the beauty of free cities and governors. Their spread was blocked.

In this context, the UN Red Crescent Authority conducted a public propaganda campaign in the Al Ma'afar Directorate of Yemen Ties governorate. With the participation of Yemen citizens, many housework rose. Al-Nashma emphasizes its importance in maintaining a safe environment and spreading epidemics.

"Initiation of public sanitation propagation helps in uplifting the aesthetic aspects of tays and directors. The streets and towns are general sanitation in the struggle against common epidemics and diseases through waste and waste through the long runway in the streets.

The United Arab Emirates Red Crescent Clearing Camp is a good step to change this service sector, particularly because of the sanitation and hygiene in governments in the governorate, the 35th Brigade Brigadier General Adnan Al Hammadi, because of lack of financial resources.

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