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AMDA introduces a new generation of processors for mobile computers – the Ryan Mobile 3000

Although the whole progressive people are waiting for AMD's information for future AMD data for Zen2 and newer projects about the Zen2 and Nava plans, the company's first announcements in CES 2019 are dedicated to the new mobile app, which does not run any latest innovations. The new products announced today are from the Picasso category and represent the second generation of the Reason Mobile-Processors, which integrate graphics for different class windows, laptops, gaming, thin and light ultrabooks.

Presented Mobile Processors opens the Raizen Mobile 3000 series, which emphasizes the superiority of new products on mobile raven ridge, which has created the Ryan Mobile 2000 family. At the same time, despite such large measures in model numbers, new products are not different from their predecessors by any significant improvements and have the same basic design. In fact, they transfer the previous generation of Ryan Mobile to 12-Nm process technology and provide four zen + processor core and radio vega graphics core with more than 10 computational units (CU).

The new family includes some processors with a thermal package of 15 or 35W, which improves the frequency of two thousand series of Ryan Mobile. The new features of the new products are given in the table.

The new model line of Ryan Mobile Processors includes Quad-Core Raison 7 processors, Quad-Core Ryan 5 and a pair of Ryazan pair. At the same time, Ryan 7 and Ryan 5 offer SMT support as well, which allows you to run two computational threads at one core. At the same time, there are four corners in Ryan 3 3300 U., but SMT does not support, and Ryan 3 is SMT in 3200 US, but there are only two processing cores. In addition, the new family has seen a new dual-core Athlon 300U processor with SMT support.

In addition to the variations of the SMT support, the new Ryan Mobile 3000 is different in the compilation of integrated graphics. Typically, Ryan 7 has Radion Vega graphics core, with 10 computing units (CU) and 640 integrated shaders, while Ryan 5 Vega graphics only works with 8 CUs and 512 shares. In Easy Ryan 3 3300, the number of CUs is reduced to 6 pieces, and in Ryazan 3 3200 U and Athlon 300U, Vega Graphics has only 3 counting units.

Talking about the exhibition that can provide the latest APIs, AMD offers testing results for the Ryan 7 3700 UV with the Integrated Vega 10 Graphics Core in the Rocket League at 720p resolution in low quality settings. According to the manufacturer, the average frame rate is 87 FPS, whereas rival Core I. 7-8565 US Integrated Intel HD Graphics produces whiskey lakes with 620 graphics core, generating 73 FPS in similar situations. Apart from this, AMD leads to Leading and Fortnightite. It has been claimed that Ryan 73700 US 57 FPS is capable of delivering this game, while the Core i7-8565U indicator is around 48 fps. In other words, AMD's latest apps are seen as Gaming Solutions, capable of delivering acceptable frame rates with 720p HD resolution with low or medium settings.

The new range mobile processors of the HM and U series, according to AMD specifications, differ in the thermal package. The suffix is ​​compatible with the H-35WDP TDP, while U mean TDP is 15W. In this case, other formal characteristics of H- and U-models are the same. However, it is clear that more "hot" versions of Ryan 7 3750H and Ryan 53550H will be able to perform better in more aggressive turbo mode and more realistic functions. Their AMD targets are gaming laptops, which are equipped with numerous graphics cards.

It is noteworthy that Intel's current notebook offer may be different from the ones presented by Ryan Mobile in number. While Kabie Lake-R and Whiskey Lake 15-Wide Chips are up to 4 crores with support for hyper-threading technology, the microprocessor giant provides its 35/45-watt mobile processors with coffee hold-h, Hyper-threading support up to 6 crores. . AMD does not yet have six-core mobile processors. However, AMD claims that Ryan 5 3500 US examines Internet performance by 14% increase in Intel Core i5-8250U and by 27% in photoshop

The first Ryan Mobile 3000-based laptops will be announced during CES 2019 and will be available during the first quarter of the coming year.

I should add that the Reason Mobile 3000 is far away from the declaration that AMD will be built in the CES 2019 framework. Three days later, on January 9, at Moscow time 20:00, AMD's executive director, Dr. Lisa Sue, planned a report. , In which the company's future products should present high performance systems. 3DNews will broadcast this promising event live, stay with us

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