Wednesday , January 27 2021

Anastasia Valokocova suddenly announced that it would flow from Russia

Former Belle dancer Anastasia Valokocova, who traditionally holds New Year's Holidays in the Maldives, was amazed by his fans' desire to live forever.

"I want to inform you that I have decided to stay in the Maldives … and from now on I will be flying for creative reasons," 42-year-old Vollochkova wrote on Instagram, publishing a video from the beach.

She added that she has got a favorite place on earth and she wants it "not to change."

The seriousness of this sudden statement comes from the fact that Volcocova announced that she has started searching for a school in the Maldives for her daughter.

As reported by "country", previously Anastasia Valokocova showed her favorite ring and gloves, but could not resist and divide it.

We have written that Vladokova stripped the clothes for the 2018 World Cup and refused to take part for the first time.

Walococova also released a white-colored semi-nude photo.

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