Saturday , October 1 2022

Appetus Insight sent the first photo from Mars


Appetus Insight sent the first photo from Mars

Photo: Reuters

Insight broadcasts the first image of Mars

The Mars Insight automatic station's landing module transmits the first image from the surface of Mars.

On Monday, November 26, NASA Mars Insight Spacecraft landed on the Red Planet surface and sent its first photo.

This screen appeared on the NASA Flight Control Center shortly after landing. Image Martin shows small particles of dust.

Remember, Insight Insight successfully came into the field of Martian volcano Hackett Dome, Mount Alice and Alber Dome on the evening of 26th November.

For 26 months on Mars, Insight will study the inner structure of the planet, record the soil temperature and tremor. The Insight Probe and its launch cost $ 850 million.

Since the 1960s, 21 attempts have been made on the land of vehicles on Mars, but only seven missions have been successful. However, they are all American. Eighth research inspection on Mars has become insight.

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