Wednesday , January 27 2021

Archbishop Clement (Supper) announced that the U.C.-MP will not have joint divine services with PCU

Ukraine News: Archbishop Clement (Supper) says that Moscow's patriarchal Ukrainian conservative church denies joint worship with PCU.

The Moscow patriarchal Orthodox Church will not have joint divine services with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The TAS was informed by the chairman of the Syndical Information and Education Department of UC Archbishop Clement (Supper).

"We should not take services with" new "churches. If we undertake such services, then we will become the same controversy, and then the local church will not recognize us," Clement said.

According to him, the new church is "a non-religious religious institution."

"It is not such a religious institution as a conservative church; therefore, we can not serve with its religious leaders," Clement said.

Recall that on January 5, 2019, the Economical Prime Minister Bartholomas signed a memorandum of TOMO on PFC's autosaphali. Prior to signing the documents, the head of the PCU, Metropolitan Epiphanius, U.CO. (Moscow Patriarchet), Metropolitan Alexander (Dracones) and Metropolitan Shimon (Shostakki) transferred to PCU, and the UOC Kov participated in Patriarch's Lutsk and Volynsky Michael (Zinkivich) metropolitan prayer.

President of Raida of Ukraine, Andrei Perubi, did not disclose details of Tomos' distribution of automobiles to Ukrainian journalists in Kiev, saying that the letter will be in the Ukrainian capital on Monday, January 7.

Poroshenko promised religious freedom of Ukrainian Ukrainian

On Sunday, January 6th, Istanbul's Ecican Patrol Bartholomy gave Okhpanias Tomoos to Apophysianos Tomoos about the Orthopedic Church of the UP (PCU), Kiev's metropolitan and auto-fuel of PCU. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is present in the chair of the Ukrainian delegation.

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