Thursday , May 6 2021

As part of Hubei, bitratead Japanese bitrate will resume

The Beatrade CryptocurrencyC exchange announced the closure of its trading platform and announced the next restart of the Hubei Group, writes

Hubei Group's subsidiary, Hubei Japan Holding Ltd After this, the move was taken, in September announced the purchase of a controlling stake in Beettrad in officially regulated Japanese exchange. In Japan, Jube closed itself in June this year, because it was not registered according to the needs of the regulators.

Beatride also suggests cooperating with former supplier of Trading Infrastructure, Beat Bank Corp.

According to the exchange, it will not transfer the customer's assets, who will need to reopen the account on the platform and have to pass the check.

Beatride stopped recording new accounts on November 30. Acceptance of deposits in Cryptocurrency and Fiat will be discontinued on December 14 and transaction operations will be unavailable on December 27. Old accounts will close on January 18th.

The new platform will be available at and will support all cryptocurrences currently present on Beatride: BTC, BitCoin Cash, XRP, Monacone, Atherom and LightCoin. It is expected that registration on the new platform will be available from December 10. Deposit and launch deals are scheduled for January 8, 2019.

Recall that in November, Hubei Global announced the launch of a platform for the business of cryptuctoration derivatives in beta mode. In addition, the company has become one of the investors of the BSEEx project, which will provide trading, custodial and clearing services with cryptocurancity assets, and also open a division in Russia.

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