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Barcelona conquered Getafe with great difficulty

The last match of the eighteenth round of the Spain's championship eighteenth round event was held on the pitch of the Colosseum Alphonso Perez Stadium in Madrid's suburbs Gatefafe. Under the leadership of Hos Boleslass, the same name club, organized the country's current champion, Kailan Barcelona.

Let's be very honest, "Blue Garnet" knew well about how previously played "Champion Race" played in this round. Against the background of Sikkronus loss by Real Madrid and Etherco Madrid, as well as Savilla's Andalusian, Ernesto Valverde's wards had no option but to defeat Geetaf, who was very inconsistent in his field.

In the snap of their own ambitions, "Barcelona" arrived almost in the fifth minute of the meeting. The high-speed pair of attackers of Angel-Mate, on which the hosts were coaching staff, jointly created Mark-Andre Tier Stageen's first goal. As Jaya had filed from right, Rodriguez gave a one-touch non-touch shot – miss.

There were many controversial episodes in this meeting and their countdown can not be safely considered to be Foolie's futile target goal. The referee operated in the dynamics of the episode to see the violation of the rules, which was done by the ball against the Langley in the field, which was not directly related to the place of the final attack of the blow from the midfielder. And the big question – was there a foul? In any case, the scoring was canceled, and Barcelona realized that their opponents were determined brutally.

It was here that Leo Messi took the game into his own hands. Unpredictably for the defense of the opponent, he scratched the ball hit the defender in Soria's possession, "scattered", scored the goalkeeper, who came in a hurry from the goal, and then broke the target despite being in a sharp corner. 0: 1

His efforts in Argentina made a target for almost Luis Suarez. In any case, Lionel said to Uruguay simply magnificent, and Louise did not defeat the opponent's goal with the one-day guard. Attempts at the "Barcelona" captain and the threatening conditions on the gates of Soria, which ended in a point-blank attack from Gerard Peak. The central defender does not have any further skills in this case, so the task for the goalkeeper was made a little easier by following the ball in the middle of the gate.

Luis Suarez tried to score with Ball before the first half hour of the game, but sent a ball to the right side of the ball with a stroke, after which Uruguay was able to achieve his goal at the next opportunity. Messi played a free-kick on the right bank, but the defenders faced it, but Bounce bounced the frontline of Gatefafe's ownership, where the Catalan moved forward. Louise was not thinking for a long time, and kissed cool with the first touch on the goal – right next to the corner. Without a lot of freedom for Soria

The Barcelona players did not manage to leave without any target, no matter how hard they did. Antunes showed the scoring pass, which got excellent service from left foot to post, then Angel threw the ball in the middle of the goalkeeper, where Matte could only go with goals – 1: 2!

In the final actions of Getafe Players, the second part was the actual teaching of David Soria's skill and ridiculous exaggeration. Terrain Stenen had to be punished by Angel Angel for its error in transferring a partner to the bottom, but did not enter the far corners at the start of the second 45 minutes. They gave racers a moment to Leo Messi, but Argentine did not expect such development after the failed head discount from Cabrera, that he intelligently beat the center of gorani in the hands of Soria.

The center defender "Getafe" was fixed after a while, when he showed an abusive reaction to Terre Stageen, after striking his head in the corner from left. After this episode, something happened which was to change the course of the meeting. The German goalkeeper, the only way to the goal, but instead of a simple strike on the lawn, succeeded in pushing all the rivals, decided to punch it forward under the crossbar, but missed out. Now, at the beginning of the year, the main losers will be in the hit parade.

After that, it was difficult to separate the right episodes in the home team's final stage, but Soria saved his goal. There is only one neutral threat that Lionel Messi hit during one or the other exit. Or a stroke aimed at the same angle from the edge of the penal area. It did not get anything for David, which, unchanged the score till the final whistle. 1: 2 – Barcelona win, but it was given to the catalans with great difficulty.

In the next round, Valverde's wards will have to play on Iber in their field, while Getafe will go into the match against Villarreal.

Spain championship. 18th round.

"Getaf" – "Barcelona" – 1: 2 (1: 2)

Jamie Mum, 43 – Lionel Messi, 20, Luis Suarez, 39

Getafe: David Soria, Damien Suarez, Jane, Vitorori Antunes, Landro Cabrera, Dimitri Fulcillar (George Molina, 56), Moro Arambari, Nemania Maximovich, Francisco Portillo (Robert Ebenez, 84), Angel Rodriguez (Samuel Seas, 74)

"Barcelona": Mark-André Tier Stageen, Gerard Peque, Jordi Alba, Clement Langlet, Ivan Rakitic, Arturo Vital (Sergio Busquets, 69), Arthur Melo (Karl's Alin, 88), Sergie Roberto, Luis Suarez, Usman Dambele (Phillipo Cotinino, 84) , Lionel Messi.

Arbitrator: Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez (Madrid, Spain)

Dimitri Fulcilar, 15, Damien Suarez, 61, Nimna Maksimovich, 77 – Arturo Mello, 13, Jordi Alba, 14, Arturo Vital, 65.

Stadium: "Colosseum Alphonse Perez" (Getaf, Spain).

Blow (on target): 11 (2) – 12 (8)
Corner: 4 – 4
Officewise: 3 – 2.

StudyIon: "Colosseum Alphonse Perez" (Getaf, Spain).

Hetaffe-Barcelona Online-Broadcast Match

Temperatures: 3 ° C

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