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Best Fashion Award – Maria Ephrosine got her right hand


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TV continues to write congratulations for fans

The famous Ukrainian TV presenter Maria Effrosinina won a brilliant fashion award for the Fashion Award for the ninth year in a Best Picture. Fewer fans are more interested in Efrosinina's image on photos published on her Instagram profile.

She is anchor and she talked about how she remembered the events of past years and why she loves fashion award.

"Nine years ago I attended the first ceremony (I've taken from the carvings that are taken to the car's platform … secondly, five years ago I got a sculptural sculpture" (Shashu Shivkoski, then got a bottle of champagne on my son's size, we'll be a firearm with the cleaner in the morning ) Third year, Com I bhagyamuntayirunnu prakhyapikkanavunnatil from rrejil "Best Female designer clothes" – my boyfriend and trauma Reva standard stage sawdust from the spring into the net – and as a result, Van I am, "the television presenter said the images that I pakutiyilayirunnu a strange garment from phleareavil.

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Photos from the TV presenter event have been attached.

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Fans lit up in the form of Ephrosynisa. Countless famous citations.

Famous Fame (Femme Bayale – Ed. Phoenix Bird), "Then you can feel the mood of a style or a kaiphas !!! Supersar!" Good women "," beauty is your innerness, you are the ideal person, "laughed!" posting screenshots of comments

Remember that Masha Efrosinina's sister was attacked in the gym.

We had previously written that strict Efrosine flew in a "golden" way.

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