Tuesday , January 19 2021

Bitcoin breaks down to the new bottom: Bloomberg analysts, bitcoin – economy news

In 2019, the bitcoin rate will reach the lowest mark in its history.

This is Bloomberg's publication report in the context of analysts. "All major indices suggest that the market is overloaded, probably the strongest in the entire history of Bitcoin. In the next year, bitcoins will create new values ​​which will be less than current prices," said Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGillon in New York.

Now show the bitcoin and the remaining cryptuctority growth after the fall, but after some time the devaluation can start again.

Bitcoin course

Bitcoin course


Despite selling virtual currencies this year, in order to open 10 cryptocurrence trading platforms in 2019, crypto traders can get support in solving one of Benin's one of the world's largest stock markets. In an interview with Bloomberg TV founder and CEO Zhao Champapen said, "Our plans have not changed." Zhao said, "We are moving aggressively."

Earlier, the cost of bitcoin fell to $ 4.5 thousand from October 2017. Since then, popular cryptocurrence has lost more than $ 1 thousand. With small changes, the bitcoin rate is declining dramatically since the beginning of 2018, unless it has reached the psychological minimum for the market – the annual minimum.

According to OboserveTV, Venture Capital Investor Tim Dapper believes that by 2022, the exchange rate of bitcoin will reach $ 250,000. Christopher Giancarlo, chairman of the US Commodity Trading Commission (CFTTC) said that cryptocurrency is the future, but it will not be competitive. .

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