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Bitocon is 10 years old: ups and downs

In the beginning of 2009, under the nickname of Tsatsuki Nakamoto, a mysterious man digged the first block of 50 beetocons

The world's most expensive cryptuasion was first mined in 2009. Photo: Financial Commission

The world's most expensive cryptuasion was first mined in 2009. Photo: Financial Commission

On January 3, 2009, a mysterious person named Satoshi Nakamoto received the first part of the first cryptuctor chains. So 10 years ago, the first bitcoin blockchann network was launched. The first block included the following text: "The Times 03 / Jan / 200 Chancellor is on the verge of another bailout for banks" (Translation: "Time is January 3, 2009, Chancellor is on the verge of a second bank"). The British newspaper The Times also published about this event.


The first mention of a bitcoin in the British newspaper The Times

Photo: Tacospot

Inspired by the desire to create a decentralized currency, Santosh published an article about the conceptual revolutionary new virtual currency, without the instrument center and without the delivery of all the transactions, and then understood its idea. Millions of users have seen such a long dream on the web – to ensure complete anonymity of the calculation, to achieve a reliable financial system which is not suitable for hacking, it is free from the influence of politicians, financiers and speculators, Bitcoi has achieved.

In the first mining block, 50 coins brought bitcoins – for such calculations (mining) there was a reward price. At present, the mineral block costs 12.5 bitcones and decreases.

Santoshi Nakamoto predicted the unreliable popularity of its cryptuctority, and in the first year, he put one billion bicocones, which he put on many petals – the mining of the Vermillion coins, is a total of $ 15 billion. Moreover, all these coins are now intact, and under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto, the person is without secrets, and it is unknown that he is alive now.

At the beginning of its existence, bitcoin was a novelty in computer enthusiasts and believed in the profitability of some projects. Issue in the case: The first well-known commercial transaction took place in 2010, when Programmer Lazelo Hanke paid 10,000 betacomons for two Papa "Papa Jones" – they did not even suspect that these coins would cost more than $ 37 million in 7 years.

Bitcoin was a little known until 2013, when its first price hiked from $ 1,000. However, these benefits were short-term, because their value was reduced by 80% with time. Then, at the end of 2017, cryptocurrency again became $ 18 thousand per coin. True, by the end of 2018, the cost of the cue ball was reduced again, and currently it is at a price of $ 3,800. In the history of cryptosystems we have been taught that bitcoins are extremely unpredictable.

Remember that six million beets are lost forever, and in the meantime, video card makers suffer from low demand due to decrease in bitcoin rates.


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