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Case Gansuu: SBU, "radical party"


Seeking Yekaterina Ganyasashu and the subsequent death of activists, Sibiu is a member of the KDC Regional Council Nikolai Stavitsky, a member of the Radical Party of Oleg Lashakko.

Especially, so said Kherson City Council deputy Ilchenko.

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A similar message appeared on his Facebook page.

In his opinion, SBU Apartment Stewitsky "burst".

They search for evidence of participating in the killing of Yekaterina Gandhischek, where there is no court order, the SBI employees have no record and do not investigate exactly what they are looking for, "he points out.

Elchenko said that he was a lawyer. At the same time, the deputy official of Karsan City Council, SBI officials found a mobile phone and did not disclose "separately".

Mykola Stattsky, Crisson, deputy giantsuk, obhuk, sBU

Nicolai Stavitsky is a member of the Radical Party of Oleag Lashakha. Recently, local media has served in Marine Corps. The Sport Status LL is an entrepreneur in Kursan's deputy, as a business manager.

The mediator between the organizer and Yekaterina Gaianashiku Murder, BPP Nicolai Palamedar, announced the deputy general's assistant Igor Pavlovsky. Pavlovsky has alleged that the money was handed over to Sergei Thorb for money "for money". Then, Pawlowski and Palmerkuk rejected these allegations and assured them they did nothing in this case.

What is known about Catherine Gansock? On July 31, the city may be named Mayor and known adviser, Ekaterina Gansiuk, in the farmer's sulfuric acid. The body received 30 percent body burns. On August 22, the head of the department Sergei Nisaia told police that six suspected suspects had been arrested. Four of them are already involved in the crime. On November 4, Catherine died of Gandhi. Activist's death is due to a chemical attack that killed 39% of the body's body and several organs. Militon investigates this case as "a predatory killing committed by a group of people from a special brutality and order from the Median Hour." On November 7, Catherine Gansychus was buried in the Crane.

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