Friday , August 19 2022

Constantine Jenny's prophecy was the day of the League of Nations


Constantine Jenny's prophecy was the day of the League of Nations


Famous tv commentator Konstantin Genick In the 6th round of the League of Nations, England and Croatia are ahead. "Championship" conducts an online online broadcaster at the meeting.

Bowling: 2.5 goals in 2.01.

"This amazing and unique league of the League of Nations has ended in the coming days, leading to a team of Spain, England and Croatia, but the defeat at Zagreb in the last century made Spain a very difficult time for Wembley between England and Croatia, a tournament In the case of a gollan draw, Crots dismisses, but if there is an effective equation, the English record will be at the top of the rankings, winning in a team ensures her first position, all in layouts are clear.

In such tournaments, the teams are trying to reduce the risk and expect the opponent's faults. England is a young, working group, an exciting and interesting man. Croatia is more experienced and more pointed. I do not think the moments and goals in Wembley will have a banquet. Although many participated in this tournament in doubt, shares are very high. There is a mistake here. Everyone who follows will go down into the race.

I want to be bound, and will continue in Spain. But how will it change – we will see. I think the play is grass. I suggest to play a "total total goal" for a "two-thirds" one. I agree that this game only looks like a ball. Perhaps, it will not be without heads, "said Jeanic.

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