Wednesday , August 4 2021

Date and date 8 Season 13 STB online viewing issue from 11/22/18

Thursday, November 22st, STB showed the thirteenth release of the country's most important show, Zhujeni and Slava 8.

Watch the online Season 8 Season 13 of the Zhujeni Ta Shastavi Show on Light RBC-Ukraine.

In the thirteenth week, according to participants' rules, the beauty day was waiting – in beautiful clothes and thin they finally appeared in front of their relatives.

For twelve weeks, parents and children worked uninterruptedly on relationships and relationships in the desired body. So, the top four of the strongest participants were waiting for the actual holidays – couples shone in new images on the red carpet. At midnight near the middle opera, parents and children saw each other after a change and met with their loved ones.

Shovel: 8 season 13 releaseShaw Wozni ta Shaslavi 8 shot

Surprising for the participants did not end there. Relatives chose the King of the Night of Beauty and the queen, waiting for a pleasant surprise from the presenter. For just one pair, the story ended just on the red carpet. Not finding a family member and clinging only to his loved ones. Couple of friends with at least friends in the family were not found.

Shovel: 8 season 13 releaseShaw Wozni ta Shaslavi 8 shot

In addition, leading show and nutrition consultant Miroslav Uhlanin, his parents appeared with the participants.

We will be reminded, earlier we had published the 12th edition of the 8th season of Shaw Zawazeni.

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