Monday , January 18 2021

Due to the decrease in tax evasion, all cars are less than Tier 2 thousand dollars

The Tesla company decided to reduce their car prices by $ 2,000. In the context of the company's report, writes "commerce" about this.

It is said that the decision reduces the federal tax incentives for electric vehicles buyers. At the same time, the company's statement sharply hit its shares. They fell below 10%, but after trading ended, their value dropped to just 6.8%.

Remember that in October, in his Twitter, Elon Masks US The Securities and Exchange Commission joked and accused Tysla's speculation after a 7% drop in shares.

We also wrote that, according to the statistics from January to July 2018, Tesla Model S. Carr was ranked third in the electric car in the popularity among the UKans only.

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