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Ethereum Workplace Director, Head of School in China


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In the past few months, school lost $ 2,163

Photos from open source

Photos from open source

The director of Chinese schools named Hunan province – Lee Hua, and Won Sippen, established nine minaret equipments for a 7,000-dollar Everest in the building of the educational institution. Because of this, the school has lost $ 2,163 in school over the months, reports the federal edition referring to the local edition HK01.

Initially, Hay installed the household appliances, but due to the high cost of electricity, he decided to transfer mining to a school where electricity was stolen.

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During the period from July to November, the power consumption of the school doubled, which slowed the speed of the IT network. The headquarters leadership initially suggested that this was an additional use of air conditioners. However, the probe is an illegal mining.

The director found that the theft was stolen from his post and removed from the position of the Communist Party. He also reprimands his assistant.

Remember AMD will launch eight new Bitcoin mining equipment. New tools have been designed to increase the profits of mines who want to become my cryptocardiary with video cards.

As reported Samsung unveils new generation mines chips. The square has taken several steps in the cryptocartine industry.

We wrote it earlier The mining Bitcoin threatens our existence. He says Astronomer John TribbyThe problem with cryptocurrencies does not solve the problem, therefore, technology models should be developed in the future as per environmental factors.

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