Saturday , January 16 2021

Experts from leading banks told us what to expect from the Bank of Japan tomorrow morning.

Johnbell: 1

Andrea: 23:22 Harlobattler: I think this post does not categorize you, is just confused, it also happens to me …

Sea: And what happened to the Type 39 Chinese submarine? There are rumors that the Americans had plunged it to open the Torpedo Hatch yesterday, and because of this, they were killed.
We should probably ask American Porsche

musli: 23:28 Andreas Yes, this is probably the issue with Japan: Temporary workers of Putin's power want to raise money from at least a few places and sell their homeland – they privately agreed that Putin will provide 2 healthy islands, with them in the field of rare earth metals Deposit will be given. Putting the entire sea into inner Russia and not letting the enemy ships go there – Putin's Rothenburg wants to give these islands for bribe, such as Sakhalin to finance the bridge, which will build the Stum Rotenb. Yergi and other methods of sporadic bribe
Japan's Chief Minister, Chigivev laughed at that Russian officials were selling their hometown – he had joyfully promised to his father's tomb that at least two islands would be squeezed for pennies and therefore
It was not expected by Putin and Rotenberg, and they would now pull up to the summer when they concealed the sale of Motherland and concealed the sale

So in 2019, the increase in parental reforms and VAT would be like flowers in 2018 against the background of homeland sales.
Well you are your mother ** and she will deliver the sale of Motherland: ((

Andrea: 23:41 Sea: Arm Kursk was also submerged when opening the hams. Generally, ordinary people can not understand general supplements. But I do not know whether the submarine is true or not.

musli: 23:41 Sea: What to Ask When You Dunk? Ask, do not ask, but will be submerged.

Sea: Conclusion: The hatch needs to be lubricated, which will be opened quietly!

Andrea: 23:58 musli: Well, I do not think they are in Kremlin, such a scandal and, most importantly, stupid. Just yapya saw that time is running. Earlier, when Russia was poor, the shortage of peace treaty had put pressure on her, but now the opposition is bringing pressure on Japan, because surrender continues the abusive act of surrender. And secondly, why are China and Japan facing a collision with Taipei. This connection requires the neutrality of Russia.

musli: 00:03 Sea: A good joke I remember how Stalin sent Nazi oceans in the Gulf of Finland to the Gulf of Finland to pass through a valley in the Bay of Finland. He sent a boat to a boat that enters ** **, sent another pike ** Already 500 meters and the quarries formed after the third explosion did not break the dead bodies of the first two bodies
China apparently argues that Americans have much to do with submarines

SeaMuslim (00:08), according to the rumors, again, there was a complete fight with a fishermen gathering among fishermen and Chinese freigets, so that they could also push 2 submarines (Chinese) from deep wraps … The gates are full of soccer, the nerve may work.

musli: 00:06 Andrea: To drink your lips and honey. If you take into account the rigid material and strategic value of these stones in the small Kural Ridge, it will be great. But I'm afraid I'm right
Von Pension Reform Plus VAT was introduced and at the same time it was decided to give 25 billion to build nuclear power plants and their national welfare fund
All the executives before you can do your feet just last **** yat

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