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Fall 76: All Polymers Bombs

Fall 76: All Polymers Bombs

Bethesda, obviously, does not like the fallout, otherwise how to explain that with each new repetition it will dig deeper and deeper into that series? Yes, the fourth part was a bit better than the third, but New Vegas did not arrive clearly and three years later the foul out 76 came out … I do not even know where to start.

Style Action / RPG
Platforms PC / Playstation 4 / Xbox One
Developer Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher Bethesda Softworks

The community disliked this game before publishing – players emphasize the next redirection of multiplayer, canon and weaker aging manufacturing engine. And poor image now mods can not be improved too, thanks to multiplayer. Well, okay, this setting provides all the possibilities to create a complete MMO, so it should be interesting. Who among us did not want to be united with friends and to tolerate some of the attackers' posts or to join the masses with steel brosherholds? Settle your settlement in Settlement 4 mode, but with real people? Attack on enemy surrender? Oops, Fallout 76 is not about it

The background is not likely to dampen you, everything is just like the usual, unless you get out of the shelter with proper delay and all the fun on the surface has already ended and the small part of the people who could withstand the atomic bomb still die. Other enjoyments of supermutants, ghosts, and post-apocalypse are in place, but there are no ordinary people, notes, notes, emails, audio recordings and a picture made of occasional communication with robots. The plot itself is very attractive and the desire to find the second part of the puzzle is literally only one thing that moves you from one marker to another on the map.

In fact, fall-out 76 goes for non-standard start-up benefits: If you have a chance to turn to someone for help in a healthier bottled radioactive settlement, without preparing yourself, general weapons and help, you are a little nervous and behave carefully, carefully Study for the presence of the environment. Threats include the inability to distribute the characteristics while producing the character, but add the adrenaline. You will have to dig through all the garbage mounds, cabinets and abandoned suitcases to find something to drink, eat, firearm or armor. And these first few hours seem like a very suitable Survival in the Fallout World, which is a kind of opening, with the aim of being the maximum immersion in the post-apocalyptic world. Here's just a clock, and the game time continues to mark. Enemies are getting thicker, arms are broken more often, and you still wander in circles, can perform monotonous actions, without moral dilemmas, for which we all love so much love. What does it matter to do and what to do if all the things around it die?

In this case, Bethesda still manages to tell stories using the same atmosphere. Even without reading the letters, it is understood that the child was experiencing the effects of the explosions in the ruins, but in this prototype of this shelter, apparently things did not happen according to plan – the skeleton in the blue overlays moved to the bedroom against the closed door, where the body of the bottle body Was over. Cyanide in hand Perhaps, to dig into the search of diary or audio recordings. Okay, there is no need to explain why this man decided to keep his head in the oven – not part of the food in the kitchen. There are many such examples here, but not enough to justify many hours wandering around the vast half empty spaces. In Fallout 76, you can easily run a road for twenty minutes and not meet anyone – not other players, even aggressive monsters.

The thing is that most often reside in interest – colonies, farms, industrial and cultural sites that players regularly visit to collect resources or complete daily tasks, and if you are not lucky with time, you can Clear places and blank boxes. In fact, the exact way to get a prize and participate in the team's game is to use fast moves at the point of active daily work, if so many markers of other characters are already published (yes, the location of other players is displayed on the map). However, while playing with friends you can trust cooperative cooperation, social interaction is reduced in Fallout 76, but text chat is absent. PVP lovers also cheat more – you can kill the other player until it responds to your aggression. And there is not much understanding in fighting with people, the reward is minimal, and local role-playing and combat systems are completely sharpened on PVE. Only out of Fallout 4 ATS Stop slowing down time, becoming a kind of auto-targeting method. Good old SpecIA.A.L. Films were cast in vain, now the influences are presented as cards, when you get the level, you come out of exquisite boosters, and not even the potential of the performance director's character or decisive character, but also decide which card-usage can be used. doing. Boosters with influences, contrary to fear, in the in-game store, I did not see, along the way.

In this game you need to monitor the character of the character and level of thirst, which is not a special problem – food and water, despite radiative, around bulk. The other hero can be injured and ill, but these effects are temporary and disappear without treatment.

Things have been transferred from fourth to 76, you do not have to use it. Almost any item can be found for future use. Equipment breaks and needs to be repaired, only a limited number of items can take the character, so it is very easy to cope with the safe time of transit from Diablo. By the principle of the previous game, building its original base: leaving shelter, the hero is given a mobile camp, which can be deposited anywhere and starts building his own house around it. The designer has an unexpected prospect of prosperity, but there is no point in trying to make an unusual, or at least one beautiful point to surprise somebody. The barn with sleeping bags, chests, a small vegetable garden and workbenchs is surrounded by protective brittle.

Despite the dead world, the strange role-playing system and honestly weak cooperative, even though many unsuccessful errors, 76's population can still be a good game. And no, I do not talk about the demons caught in texts, making them funny videos for YouTube, this can be experienced. It is more difficult to avoid broken or completely lost searches, continuous communication disruption, rollback of progress, and non-functioning triggers. You must bury the remnants, but the shovel will not appear in the right place. You need to check the availability of products in stock, but the terminal does not work to unlock the lock. You need to test the blood transfused animal, but it refuses to appear. At one point, half of the screen was full of quest which I could not complete for one reason or another. Sometimes reboots have helped, sometimes you have to wait for a patch or try to continue the work the next day. Today, this game seems tolerant, but it is suffering from a devastating FPS Draudown, tomorrow is good with all the performances, but the texture looks the same, Fallout 3 is also hiding shy eyes, everything is OK after one day. I admire those who appreciate the level of hundreds of levels and prepare them with mini-nucleation and pass through the radioactive forests of West Virginia in the power armor, I left a long time ago. Maybe I'll be back to Apalachia again, I still wonder if people have destroyed the attackers and after the Brotherhood has finished the local work, robbing drop boxes from the sky, but not so interesting that I just continue to play. I really do not like sports in the initial entry, which is just Fallout 76.

Pros: Plot; Wide map; Craft and mobile camp; Soundtrack

Cons: Lack of crowd of NPC game; The way to present the plot; Old picture; Weak social component

Conclusion: Currently, Fallout 76 is in almost the same situation as West Virginia has shown.

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