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The singer agreed to play this role in the history of the country

Natalia Mogilevsky. Photo:

Natalia Mogilevsky. Photo:

Popular Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilevsky recently stated how she introduces herself in her old age, and now admits the decision to acquire a new education in teaching. The singer wrote on his Instagram page.

It refers to Mogilevsky that it will contribute to the development history of the country.

"I plan to spend my energy and energy in the future with my teaching, psychology and neuroscience in my childhood to teach children. It's always my job. And I finally decided to raise my knowledge to a professional level when I take me to a new business "Said the singer.

The actress's fans immediately responded to her wish and praised her.

"Good, you're a teacher, my daughter", "Well done, the main thing I'm ready to go to politics," the good thing is, the good thing you will succeed, the good win, you will succeed ".

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Natalia Mogilevsky


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