Monday , January 18 2021

For some time Autosmith PTSU Tomos returned to Istanbul

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Now the documents on Autosafali of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine are signed only by Father Bartholom.

Two days later, the eccentric Patriarchate priest will be held in Istanbul; All the bishops who reach these priests will sign under their names names under Tomas.

This was informed by the Ukraine's Religious Information Service in reference to the head of the Department of Religious Issues of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

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"Tomoos, presented today in Somoa Kiev, will be transferred to Worm Sophia Temple today, where every person can see it every day from 8:00 to 18:00 every day. The document will be free of charge, in two days, the eccennial priest will be held in Istanbul. The Minister will put his signature under all the bishops coming to the priests, Thomas. Now the Prime Minister has just signed Bartholomini. Then Thom Ukraine will be returning to scroll forever.

UNIN reported on January 6th in St George's Cathedral of Istanbul as reported by Istanbul, the echanical Prime Minister Bartholomy gave Tioco about autopsy to the Orthodox Church by its head, Metropolitan Kiev, and All Ukraine Epiphanius. Tomo says that Equanimetri Patriet has identified a self-sufficient, self-propelled conservative church within the politically populated region of Ukraine.

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