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"Go to PCU". Announcing the Rally in the UOC Churches in the right area and calling their address

On December 5, 2019, Prime Minister Bartholomy announced the series of "Events" in the Cathedrals of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) on December 6, after right-sector fundamentalists signed Tomos of Ukraine's newly established Orthodox Church (PTSU) in Istanbul.

This has been reported on the pages of "Right sector" in the social network on pages of Sumi, Ternopol, Livy, Reven, and Vineitas.

Reports say that this action has been scheduled for January 6 and is "now a time to go silently in the Ukrainian church."

"We want every Orthodox believer to go to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and rebuild national identity," the reports said.

Announce events

  • Sullivan U. O. Savior's Transformation Cathedral at Ull. Cathedral, 31-A – 9:00 am,
  • At the Cathedral of the Holy Rivine in Rivië – 9:00 am,
  • Faith, hope, love and their mother, Sofia Canollets, in Ternopol on the street, 1 – 09:30,
  • At St. George's Church, at the address: Livi, St. Korolenko, at 3 – 9:30,
  • Holy Cross Exclamation Church in Vinitsa, 59, Celestea Street – 14:00 pm.

We note that the UOC In these actions themselves are called excitement.

Earlier, Straina had written that on 6 January, the head of the PCU, Metropolitan Epiphanius, was assigned to Tomos.

We also informed that BP Parubby's speaker made a photo with the right of Tomos and Nipper "Narrokam".

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